Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OPI - Pirates of the Caribbean

I know what you are thinking when you read that title. Is she flippin serious? That collection came out months ago! I know I know. I just kept putting this on the back burner and waiting and waiting and I am not quite sure what I was waiting for but here it is! :c)

I do need to apologize to you, my sweet loyal readers. I have become of a bit of an absentee blogger. I am working lots and lots of hours these days and it is very hard for me to find time to do the most simple activities in my life, let alone post. It is always on my mind, and I am still doing my nails and taking pictures, it's just hard to sit and do posts and edit pics as frequently as I would like :c(

Okay, enough with the sob story. Let's look at some swatches!

Mermaid's Tears

Steady As She Rose

Planks a Lot

Skull and Glossbones

Sparrow Me The Drama

Stranger Tides

Silver Shatter (over Mermaid's Tears)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hello and Happy Sunday! Let's start the week off right with some happy SPAM!

Moodstruck - unnamed pink (hot/cold/in-between) The last Sunday SPAM series included a Moodstruck shade that I said didn't change well but this was a complete 180. This was changing while I was painting it on. It was both colors most of the time. Granted it's just pink and pink, but it is obviously two different pinks and I enjoyed it more than most any other pinks I put on.

Sally Hansen - Paparazzi - This is very delicate and pretty shade but it took me 4 coats for this.

American Apparel - Neon Green - THIS IS THE BEST NEON GREEN EVER!

Essie - Absolutely Shore - This is beautiful. I resisted this for a while because I assumed it was just a gray creme and I have tons of these but this has a slightly green hint and it's beautiful.

4th of July Mani - For this I alternated blue/white nails and red/white nails. For the blue/white I did white creme base and OPI - Blue Shatter and for the red/white nails I alternated red base and White Shatter and white base and Red Shatter. I painted the shatter shades in a diagonal pattern.

Sinful Colors - Pull Over - This is a orangy yellow creme. Similar to a school bus. I got this from a new display of Sinfuls called Get Swirling! Looks like this>

Pure Ice Crackle - Crushed (over Pull Over) - This is a bright orange shimmer crackle and I loved it with this combo. I got a lot of comments on this. It was so bright and cheery and glowy like the sun. This is the display of Pure Ice Crackles. I found them at Walgreen's>>

Chanel - Peridot - Oh my. This is soooooo stunning. This is a strong olivey gold metallic with a strong blue/green duochrome. I think the pictures can speak for themselves.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Couple Revlon Sweetly Seductive Swatches


A few weeks ago I stumbled upon an untouched display of bright, juicy looking nail polishes with matching lip glosses. Upon further inspection, I realized that the polishes were scented and they were crazy shimmery! They all have a almost indescribable shimmer but I will try: It's not quite flakie, not quite glass-fleck, not a standard shimmer and not a glitter. It's a bit of all of them.

Watermelon Fizz - This is a bright, juicy jelly red with the firey flake type shimmer. The scent is of course watermelon and it is reminiscent of watermelon lip balm. Like a Bonne Bell, or something. Very pretty and I got decent coverage in three coats.

Grape Fizz - This is a pale, uneventful purple jelly base but the shimmer is amazing!!! The shimmer is bright, glowing blue purple and pink. It took me four coats to achieve this swatch. I think it would be more impressive layered. The scent actually reminds me of those scented big bouncing balls you could get at Wal-Mart or wherever that had a grape on it and smelled like a grape, or a cherry and smelled like a cherry. Yeah. It's funny the nostalgia you experience from scents.

In this collection there is also:
Grapefruit Fizz (pink)
Orange Fizz (orange)
Mint Fizz (blue)
Apple-tini Fizz (green)
Pineapple Fizz (yellow)
Colada Fizz (baby blue)

What do you think?!