Thursday, April 30, 2009

Olive Green Franken

So I have mentioned before that my favorite color is green. What I haven't told you is that one of my favorite greens is olive green. So a couple of months ago when my nail polish fetish was kicking in stronger I thought "I need an olive green". A good dirty olive green. I couldn't find one so I turned to frankening and tried a new formula every couple days. I then discovered Rescue Beauty Lounge- No More War which was perfect. BUT... it cost $18 which seemed a bit much. Then I saw Steph's Closet swatch of Comrad Green by Hot Topic and RAN to Hot Topic to find they didn't have it and it wasn't on their website. Well, I then found a suitable mix to franken my own:
It consisted of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Lightening, Tropez - Black Satin, Rimmel- Camouflage, Misa - Hot Couture and topcoat to be glossy.
It looks weirdly light in the bottle but it isn't really.
I dubbed it G.I. Franken.
This is what it looks like on the nail. It is a very cool olive green, but not really dirty enough. I didn't need it to be exactly like No More War, but I did think it would come out more yellow. This is leaning closer to forest green. Even though I used half as much green and black as yellow and tan.
I wrote it Amanda at Dr. Frankenpolish yesterday to pass the challenge to her for this green. I am quite sure she will pass the test!
I intend on geting my No More War today anyway thanks to The Polish Addict's sweet RBL coupon code but I still want to see a good franken of it. I think my next mission will be to franken an olive green that looks like my winter puffy coat:
What do you think?! I think it would be awesome!
And one more pic for fun: I added a Konad stamp to the design with China Glaze-Passion and plate M57.
It's like a wild safari on the nails!
So how does everyone feel about olive green? Love it or hate it?


  1. what if you tried a medium-dark brown instead of black in the mix? that might warm up the color

  2. Definitely a fan of olive green, any green polish is tempting to snap up ^^

  3. I love the name you came up with! I like this one, but I totally would love to see one more the color of your coat. i can't wait to see what Amanda comes up with.

  4. I like that! Olives greens are one of my favorites. You don't see too many of them available.

  5. Laine,
    Add creme black (one or two drops) to creme yellow, and you will get a truly dirty olive green.

  6. I just adore olive green. My favorite nail polish and eye shadow color. I used to have the perfect olive green which was by Revlon's Stree Wear. I wish I still had it and that they still made it. I'm always looking for a color that would match it. I just can't find it. I do have No More War and I'm wearing BB's Icy Olive tonight. I need a dirtier green, you nailed what I need.

  7. Love it! I think it's more wearable than No More War (though I agree that is a fab shade), and love the Konad on it too!

  8. Anonymous- That's a good idea. I'll try it.

    clockwork- I know! I love greens! We're getting more and more released! It's awesome.

    Brooke= - Thank you! I'm sure Amanda's will be amazing! She is a frankening genius!

    nevertoomuchglitter- Thank you!! yours looks amazing! I tried just yellow and green in a test palette and it did not look that awesome! It didn't look green enough. Maybe I should of added less green. I'll try again! Thank you!

    Lucy - I'm glad we have BB's and RBL's, but we need more!! Olive is amazing!

    The Glitterati - Thank you! That's nice to hear! I can't wait for my No More War! It's in the mail somewhere on its way to me!

  9. edit on my above comment:

    I used yellow and BLACK in a test palette. Not yellow and green.

  10. I have the perfect olive green but i've had it for 6 years now (urgh) but it still goes on good so why throw it? Love that you mixed your own...I have never thought of that! :)