Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vintage Vixen Swatches - "Cat's Meow"

Happy Hump-Day all! Are we ready to finish out the China Glaze - Vintage Vixen swatches? I knew you'd be excited!>>>

Classic Camel - Maybe the most interesting color in this collection. I love weird shades like this. This is a yellow-tan with gold shimmer. It's sort of like Dijon mustard but shimmery!

First Class Ticket - I love this and it was my first official manicure with this collection. This is a plummy purple that has a lot of blue shimmer than makes it look very "blurple" and even very blue in the bottle. I love this one.

Emerald Fitzgerald - I may like this more for the name than the actual shade, but I do still really like this emerald green. It is pretty blue sided. It reminds me of Nubar - Earth but deeper.

Midnight Mission - Oooh. This denim blue polish with tons of silver shimmer immediately made me think of a starry night sky and a particular highly coveted nail polish of a similar name: Starry Starry Night. This would be a very distant relative to SSN as that one is glitter and this is shimmer, but still...

Riveter Rouge - This is a ruby red with gold shimmer and micro glitter pieces. I don't usually care much for reds but this one is interesting and I like it! Do you think Rosie would be proud? :cP And how about that close-up bottle shot?!

Goin' My Way? - Ooh oooh! I did not think this would be so pretty! This one was a big surprise. This is a brown shimmer but this shimmer is incredible. It is multi colored and and shines like mad. I can see glints of green, gold, red... it's just gorgeous.

This set has very pigmented shades and I was able to do 2 coats for all of them. I am really digging all these shades and can't wait for the cooler weather so I can wear them. The finishes of all these are very interesting and shimmery and sparkly. I think the word "frost" should be used a bit more lightly for this collection. When we got the first pictures and shade descriptions the "frost" was thrown around a lot and it put me off big time and I am sure plenty others. These are more like shimmers than frosts and even if a couple of them seem a bit frosty, like Goin' My Way? and Bogie, they are flattering.

Now that we have seen them all, what do you think?

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  1. one more day i cannot wait-all the polish blogs are just baiting me aren't you, aren't you (crazy look on face!!!) just kidding nice post

  2. That's right! These are awesomely gorgeous! I don't know where here in Orlando I'm going to find them. Sallys only carries the core colors. Ugh!!!!

  3. There are some really pretty colors in that collection. I might just have to pick up a couple of those!

  4. All of them are great, i'm in love with all. But my fav is Classic camel! It's stunning!

  5. I need green and blue shades, other just don't do it for me. :)

  6. Your blog has really inspired me to get back into pretty nails! I just included you in my Blog Awards if you wanna check it out!


  7. mmm I was looking for good pictures of mustard polishes and came here... classic camel looks great!