Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Perfect "10"

Hello all! I was perusing nail polish at Wal-Mart yet again and I took a peek at a brand that I am pretty sure has been around for a while, but that I don't own. It is called A Perfect "10", and although most of the colors were pretty boring to me, I did find two that caught my enough to snag.

Here they are: Bittersweet and Crush

Bittersweet - This is a sheer, but super shimmery, light, spearmint green. The formula is outrageously thin. I had to do 4 coats, but I suspected that it would look awesome layered over a black or dark green so I had to see if I was correct>>>

I was!

Crush - This is a super shimmery, burnt orange color. It reminds me of the new Venetian Glass collection from Nubar (Which I have swatched for you!) This one is much more pigmented than Bittersweet and I was able to do 2 coats.

I believe these retailed for about $1.99. But it was a little while ago and now I am second guessing that. But whatever they cost it was cheap.

What do you think? Have any A Perfect "10" polishes?


  1. oooh.. the green looks awesome! :D

  2. I actually bought some of these from Walmart yesterday. They retail $1.67+tax. Pretty cheap. I didn't get either of the colors that you got, but I can't wait to try it out. :)

  3. I haven't seen these at my local Walmart. However, I'm LOVING those colors!!! Eeeooowwww!!!