Monday, September 6, 2010

"New" Sinful Colors

I say "new" with quotes because at the time I got them they weren't really very new in terms of when they were released. But they were new to me. But now about 5 weeks have gone by since I bought them, so they are really not new!

Hot Spot - I showed you guys this one before but it had glitter on it. Now we can look at it alone. This is is a deep indigo shimmer with small, sparse, cobalt blue shimmer that isn't very shimmery, but it is in there.

Neon Melon - This is one hell of a neon yellow. You know how with most neon pics I have to give a disclaimer about how it is much more neon in real life? Well, this one is more neon in real life, but the pic does do a decent job of capturing it. This shade is very, very neon. I have lots of favorite neon yellows, but this one flew way up on the list. The only problem with it is it is extremely thin. There is no point in even attempting to wear it alone. It will never be opaque enough. BUT the great thing about neons is that you can layer them over white, which is what I did here. This is two coats of Neon Melon over white creme. SUPER BRIGHT!

All Mighty
- This is a very pretty aqua/teal shimmer. It isn't terrible unique; as I put it on it reminded me a lot of OPI - Yodel Me On My Cell. I do love the formula of this. 2 coat dream.

Thimbleberry - I was hot and horny for this one a while back when I heard it was a dupe for MAC - Scorcher. I really love this bright coral, but I also found it was a close dupe to China Glaze - High Hopes so I guess not that necessary to my collection. But still pretty.

Gorgeous - WHEW. This one takes my breath away. This is a intense, metallic turquoise that is almost chrome in finish. That alone I love, but at the edges or at an angle it has a bright blue, aqua duochrome. This shade is very mermaid-y. I think it may be a close dupe to Sephora by OPI - Mermaid to Order, but I don't have it to compare. I will just stick to my $2 Sinful. *LOVE*

Besides for the neon which we all know are not typically two coats, these are all two coats. I have said it before, but I will say it again: Sinful Colors has stepped their game up. They usually get a bad rap for being sheer, but these are well pigmented beauties. Not only were they two coats, but the formula was perfect to work with. Sinful is one of my absolute favorite brands ever!!


  1. Ooh i like Gorgeous - it is very gorgeous :)
    Sinful is very new to New Zealand and Ive only seen it in one shop, but we are getting there :)

  2. I just got my hands (and nails) on some new to me sinful colors shades as well. they're really doing well in terms of formula for the price. I love that coral color- thimbleberry, and since I don't have any of the dupes I might just have to get it!

  3. I have a couple colors, and everytime I paint my nails I am sure to put a couple coats to help it stay longer!

  4. I love Sinful Colors, Gorgeous is my favorite you've shown. Very pretty.

  5. All mighty, is gorgeous.
    But I agree, ain't that...original.
    I don't really like the neon yellow.