Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today Was A Fairy Tale - Swatch, Review, Layering and Gradient

For The Holidays this year one of the glittery shades that Deborah Lippmann has created for us is Today Was A Fairy Tale. It says it's infused with Virgin Diamond Powder and I do not know what that does, but it is a shimmery, shiny, sparkly glitter bomb.

Deborah Lippmann - Today Was A Fairy Tale - This is a mix of large, extremely reflective silver hexagon sequins and smaller silver glitter in a clear, but slightly blue tinted, base. The glitter in this is amazing. I don't know if it is certain, but it appears that the hex glitter is cut to reflect more light, just like facets in a diamond. It is extremely shiny. I would normally be upset that the base doesn't have enough pigment to build a opaque enough base, but with this I am fine because I wouldn't want to take away the shine of the glitter. This is three coats.

This is some layering experiments I tried with TWAFT. (hehe) This is two coats over, blue, black, silver and white. I think over white is kind of cool because then it brings out the blue base.

This is the mani I did with it. I started with NARS - Midnight Express as a base, then I did a gradient with TWAFT. I started with one coat way down by the cuticle, then the second coat further up and the third even further up and the 4th was pretty much just the tip. This was very flashy and fun! Everyone loved this. I got lots of compliments.

And I thought this was too hot to not share! It's Kim Kardashian wearing nothing but Today Was A Fairy Tale for a shoot for W Magazine to match the silver body paint. WOW.

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  1. This was such a gorgeou polish I used it for my halloween mani! I love what you did with it, now I want to try it over blue or pink or purple or something!!

  2. Very pretty! I won't be getting it, though, since I can get $OPI Flurry Up for a LOT less.

  3. oh wow. i want this in gold too

  4. I love it over white as well, but I am really enjoying the gradient manicure. :) While I sometimes find whole-nail glitter manicures over the top, these kinds of glitter gradients are somehow so charming. :)

    Btw, I've been following your blog for a couple of months now and I really like it!

  5. I love it layered over Nars Midnight Express! Still can't decide if I'm going to spend the money on this though...I think SOPI has some good alternatives at the moment.

  6. Um...STUNNING! So pretty it almost makes my eyes hurt. ;)

  7. I love the gradient application! Beautiful! ;)