Thursday, December 30, 2010

Glitter Nail Polish - Born Pretty Review

Another product that I had a chance to review from is a few of their "glitter color nail lacquer" shades.

There are four that I have to review. Unfortunately they aren't named but there is a white, beige, purple and pink.

white - This is a sheer white with a glittery, flakie type glitter, a la Zoya - Glitters, that flickers green and pink. This is three coats.

beige - This is an awesome shade because it is neutral and work appropriate but also interesting and fun. This is three coats.

purple - This is bright purple sheer that has the flakie glitter that flashes green, gold and a bit of blue. This will be good for layering.

pink - This may be my favorite, only because it is the most opaque. It's a milky pink with a green shimmer. It's not the glitter type like the other ones. It's more fine of a shimmer but it is pretty.

A few comments about these:
  1. These are not sold separately. These are only a few of the shades that come in a set of 45 of these glitter shades. I don't know if I would really want an army of 45 of these, but if you do, they are available here for $82.31.
  2. These are mini bottles. I don't have a problem at all with mini bottles. These are a fine size and have a good brush. The funny thing about these is that they say they are 0.6 oz but this is what they look like compared to a bottle that is actually 0.6 oz:
  3. These smell really bad. They have an outrageous chemically smell that makes me feel like I am going to pass out if I breathe it in. Good thing it says this:


  1. LOL! So no breathing while polishing your nails then. That should be interesting....

  2. B.O nail polish smells bad? You don't say! Haha..

  3. Oh too bad they stink!! They look so pretty on! Just stop breathing when applying? Ok. lol

    Happy New Year

  4. Haha Sally, that's what I was thinking.

  5. lol that's a typo. it should say 0.06 Fl.oz. on the bottle :P

  6. It's odd how much the typography on the bottles reminds me of OPI.

    The colours are pretty, but I can't see myself splurging on such a huge quantity of polishes at the moment.

  7. I totally agree with Diane! Their font is so reminiscent of OPI!

    Nice colors, but I certainly wouldn't want 45 of them either. :-)

  8. Either Fl oz is slightly different than just oz or it's a typo, as a reader mentioned. They're quite small but if they smell quite chemical-ly, I don't think I'd want a full bottle of it. :(

    I wouldn't want the whole set either. They may have a better shot at selling them individually. Good review!

  9. Oh theyre really pretty. too bad about the smell and having to buy a set.

  10. i once bought a polish made in china (from ebay) just because it looked so pretty. when i received it it was not what i expected and the smell was unbearable. just terrible. so now i avoid china-looking polishes. lol.