Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nicole by OPI - Wal-Mart Exclusives - January 2011

I don't know if there is an actual name for this set or if it is just "Wal-Mart Exclusives". I have swatches for you of four new shades added to the Wal-Mart line of Nicole by OPI. They are meant to be "timeless and sophisticated shades".

He's A Keeper - Bright red, creamy creme. This is sort of on the orange side and I like that. It's hard to make an red creme different, and this one has at least a bit of an edge.

Got Style? - This is a cinnamon, brick reddish, shade with a ton of silver shimmer. This is reminding me of a gingerbread cookie color and I like it because it's interesting but work appropriate. I wore this as a "work shade".

Never Give Up - Unless it's on trying to make polishes like this. This is a magenta with small holo glitter, which should be awesome, but the base is too opaque and frosty, and with the glitter it turns into a lumpy mess. This swatch even has a top-coat on it and it doesn't help even it out :c(

Count On Me - Back to the good stuff. This is a shimmery lilac with a flashy duochrome blue to purple shimmer. This is sheer so I layered it over Sally Hansen - Thinking of Blue.

These are available at select Wal-Mart stores this month.

What do you think?!

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  1. Ack...Never Give Up...It looks awful!
    I feel bad for any unsuspecting customers who buy that mess. :P

  2. first one looks just like ketchup haha

  3. I agree with the 2 ladies above xD

  4. I love Count On Me !!! it's very nice duochrome!

  5. The only ones that look like they would be worth picking up are "Got Style?" and "Count on me" the other two are just kind of blah. However I will be on the lookout the next time I hit Wal-mart

  6. Count on me is so pretty, though the rest is too!

  7. Count on Me is stunning! WOW!