Saturday, June 13, 2009

Layering with Juliana

I have a new love and it's called layering!! This Juliana from NYX has won me over big time. I never used to be into sheers, but now I see how great they are. Not for wearing alone, but for wearing with so many other colors, the manis you can create are endless! And this post explores just that. So this mani I did a few days ago as a NOTD:It was so rainy and gloomy that day, I decided on a bright mani to pep me up. I chose Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening, and layered NYX-Juliana. It definately made me feel good! It makes my think of happy things! And as on lovely lady wrote on Makeupalley: "Lemon sugar gumdrops".

Then I tried Juliana over a coral color just on a paper plate and realized it looked amazing! I tried over others, and realized it looked great over orange and green based colors because the glitter in it flashes orange and green.In the pic above, from the thumb: Sally Girl-Amped (layered over white), Rimmel-Camouflage, Milani-Tropical Fiesta, L'oreal-Shocking Green and L'oreal-Sizzling Tangerine
Sally Girl-Amped + NYX-Juliana
Milani-Tropical Fiesta + NYX-Juliana, L'oreal-Shocking Green + NYX-Juliana

Rimmel-Camouflage + NYX-Juliana, L'oreal-Sizzling Tangerine + NYX-Juliana


  1. Thats neat I just started getting into the glittery stuff myself. Where did you get yer NYX?

  2. Wow Juliana looks worth the purchase just for the layering effect.

  3. Natialie- me too. glitter was never my fave and now i can't get enough!! I got the NYX at

    clockwork- it's pretty impressive. I didn't know it would be so cool when I ordered it. I really didn't know anything about it at all! just took a chance and it worked out!

  4. I feel the same way about Zoya Soho Punch and Southbeach Ice. Soho looks great over any pink, coral, or orange, and Southbeach works on any number of blues or greens.

  5. mmmm... now I may have more to add to my Zoya wishlist...