Monday, March 22, 2010

LA Splash Nail Splash Swatches

Happy Monday all! I was naughty and went shopping over the weekend. Check out what I found at Ulta:

LA Splash - Golden Seahorse, Sparkling Oceanspray
I love these bottles! I would never expect these to be nail polish. They look like lip-gloss, or liquid eyeshadow, or liquid liner, or mascara... anything but nail polish. Love it.

Golden Seahorse - This is a sea foam green base with soft, warm gold glitter and a few brassier colored glitter pieces. HOW FRICKIN PRETTY IS THIS?! Doesn't the closeup make you think of treasure sunken at the bottom of the ocean? Gold coins and gold nuggets sitting in the sand in the bottom of the Caribbean? It's amazing! It reminds me a lot of the incredible, un-findable, un-dupeable, green/gold glitter I received from the lovely Tuli that I showed you guys back here and here and if I totally created a unquenchable lemming from showing it to you, you can hopefully satisfy your need with this. This is fabulous! This swatch is 3 coats.

Sparkling Oceanspray - This is a medium to large grain teal glitter in a clear base. What I love about this is how shiny and glittery the particles are. It reflects a ton of light. I love the teal shade of the glitter. But I dislike that it is not full coverage. This is 4 coats and it obviously leaves plenty open spaces. I was considering adding a bit of Wet n Wild - Nocturnal to the base to make it blue. I think that would be so pretty but I haven't gotten the courage to do it yet.

I found these at Ulta and they retail for $3.99.
What do you think?


  1. I love Golden Seahorse and I get a lot of compliments on it. It looks amazing layered over China Glaze For Audrey!

  2. Mighty Lambchop - What a great idea! Thanks for the tip. Totally trying that.

  3. Oh my! I'm not a big glitter fan but Golden Seahorse is going on to my want list right now!

  4. That teal/gold glitter is amazing! Those close-ups? WOW!

  5. Golden Seahorse, love the name, love the color...was just at Ulta, how'd I miss this??? MUST HAVE.

  6. Golden Seahorse is a winner. I love it too.

  7. I've seen these at Fred Myers but have passed so far, may have to rethink.

  8. These are really pretty! I need to make and Ulta trip soon!

  9. I wish the base of the polish was a colored jelly, that would fill the gaps nicely!

  10. Whine..we don't have an Ulta close by!

  11. I just bought some of these for the first time because they were on sail for 1.99!! I got it in 'Glitz and Berry' and 'Sparkling Angel'

    Soooo pretty!

  12. Hey Laine, my name is Ruthie (or RuthieGirl) as many call me. :)

    I know I'm way late to THIS particular party but I'm gonna comment anyway cuz I'm just that kind of a rebel (NOT)!!! Yeah, RIGHT! But I love to look at pretty polish pics and read fun blogs and you have got it going ON, GF!

    I've visited your blog a few times over the past few weeks and have enjoyed it so much EVERY time! You've introduced me to several new brands and also gotten the gears turning in my head and finally realized that NOT ALL CHEAP/CHEAPER (drugstore) nail polish is CRAP!

    *I hang my head in shame because I have judged far too many books (polishes) by their covers (packaging and pricetags), and as a result, I have been to miss out on a lot of awesomeness over the years!*

    This have been a heavy revvy for me, sister! LOL! :-D

    But seriously, reading about some of your $1 and $2 finds and SEEING pics of them applied and how crazy cool they look on, I just couldn't resist! I have been exploring and adding to my collection from SEVERAL "cheapie/cheaper" brands I hadn't ever paid attention to before! And have found some real GEMS! Also some losers, but hey, the hunt is more than half the fun!

    And this is not to say I think you ONLY buy and review drugstore polishes, no, I've noticed that you "cherry-pick" wat you like from pretty much ALL brands - drugstore, salon, etc.!

    I have really come to embrace that attitude - rock on!!! :)

    Anyway, ended up here tonight searching for swatches of LA Splash - Golden Seahorse is sooooo pretty! Was wondering around all weekend and hadn't seen LA Splash brand before and didn't have a ton of luck finding swatches (plus of the swatches I did find, most were sold out), so didn't place an order with the Haloween discount they had - but I'm getting prepared for the next sale - doing my research early! LOL!

    Sorry my post is super long! :( I just had so much to GUSH over! Please keep on keeping on - you rock! :)

    Best Wishes,


  13. The first one I am going to show you is another polish by Cult Nails called Iconic. Iconic was two coats, and applies very beautiful. Its all looks so sexy and gorgeous.

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