Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday SPAM!

This is a double spam! Two weeks of manis in one!

China Glaze - Dorothy Who? - Yes I really haven't worn this until now. I have had it for over year!!! Crazy.

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps - Another China Glaze classic it took me forever to get to. I am sure glad I finally got it on! So pretty.

China Glaze - Solar Power - I wore this of for like four days. Everyone loved it... including me!

Zoya - Kelly - Notice how quick my nails have disappeared in the last few weeks!? I've been breaking them like mad. I need to relax and stop throwin my hands around like a crazy person.

Clarins - 230 (over Zoya - Pinta) - I can't believe I actually have this!!!

BB Couture - Cap-Haïtien - What a gorgeous purple creme.

Milani - Digital - I picked the absolute worst time to wear this. I had to take a pic with a daylight bulb and that doesn't do this justice. This needs sun and the two days I wore this there was absolutely none in sight.

Wet n Wild - Nocturnal - I got this one on in one coat so it wouldn't look black and I love the result!

Rocks Mani - This friggin thing. I was outside yesterday with the dogs and I was thinking that the rocks on the side of my house looked so pretty in the rain and it inspired me to do a "rocks mani". So I made blobs with Nubar - Palisade, Color Club - Charity Ball, Orly - Pure Porcelain, Sally Hansen - Gray Area, Zoya - Dove, Tropez - Black Satin and a franken I made called Light and Sweet. Does it look like rocks?

Have a great week!


  1. Love all the swatches in this post, and the rocks mani is great!

  2. The rocks mani is so fun! Love it :D

  3. The 'rocks' is so creative! It kind of looks like camouflage, too. I like the colors a lot.

  4. I had just talked myself out of getting Dorothy Who?, it looks like that idea is out the window.

  5. Awesome manis! Hope your nails stop breaking and grow back soon :)

  6. I just bought Ruby Pumps and it's been moved to the front of my polish drawer as a new favorite go-to. WNW Nocturnal looks great in one coat.. I've been putting mine on in two coats and it definitely does look black.. gotta try one coat later this week!

  7. all these colors are gorgeous!!!!
    love the last mani!

    please check out my blog, thanks(: