Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Couple Revlon Sweetly Seductive Swatches


A few weeks ago I stumbled upon an untouched display of bright, juicy looking nail polishes with matching lip glosses. Upon further inspection, I realized that the polishes were scented and they were crazy shimmery! They all have a almost indescribable shimmer but I will try: It's not quite flakie, not quite glass-fleck, not a standard shimmer and not a glitter. It's a bit of all of them.

Watermelon Fizz - This is a bright, juicy jelly red with the firey flake type shimmer. The scent is of course watermelon and it is reminiscent of watermelon lip balm. Like a Bonne Bell, or something. Very pretty and I got decent coverage in three coats.

Grape Fizz - This is a pale, uneventful purple jelly base but the shimmer is amazing!!! The shimmer is bright, glowing blue purple and pink. It took me four coats to achieve this swatch. I think it would be more impressive layered. The scent actually reminds me of those scented big bouncing balls you could get at Wal-Mart or wherever that had a grape on it and smelled like a grape, or a cherry and smelled like a cherry. Yeah. It's funny the nostalgia you experience from scents.

In this collection there is also:
Grapefruit Fizz (pink)
Orange Fizz (orange)
Mint Fizz (blue)
Apple-tini Fizz (green)
Pineapple Fizz (yellow)
Colada Fizz (baby blue)

What do you think?!


  1. Both colours look fantastic! I regret not picking any up when I saw them at local stores.

  2. Grape Fizz catches my eye. Loving the purple!

  3. i saw a similar display at my local harmons but after purchasing the blueberry (light blue foil) scented one, i had to return it as it triggered a migraine for me. i got really excited when i saw the pretty colors but then i got really sad when i saw they were scented. your post makes me want them more xD

  4. and omg.. i know exactly what balls youre talking about. we used to have both like.. uh a good 15 years or so ago. /flashback

  5. Watermelon Fizz is gorgeous! I grabbed Grapefruit Fizz and Apple-tini Fizz but have yet to try them out.

  6. Watermelon Fizz looks great!

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