Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dreams by Neihule Swatches

I recently had a chance to try a pretty new nail polish brand: Dreams by Neihule. The nail polish shades have inspiring names like "I Believe" and "Dreamz of Hope". They come individually boxed and when you open the box you find a rainbow ribbon with a little message like "It's not over 'til it's over" and "You are loved and needed".

Dreams by Neihule Nail Lacquer is a new nail polish line that was launched early this year. Since the launch of our line, we have been apart of some of the biggest events in Hollywood, events such as The Oscars, The Grammy’s and an event for mother’s day titled “Mother’s day in Hollywood”.

Dreams by Neihule Mission Statement

Heavenly - This is a dreamy, creamy, baby blue creme. The formula on this was one of the best I have seen for a pastel blue. I don't find it terribly unique, but it is super beautiful and this type of bright, sky blue/baby blue/pastel blue is one of my favorite polish shades so I love this.

Glamtastic - Aw yeah! When I first opened this up I thought it was a gold glitter in a black base and I thought it looked awesome. Then I put it on and realized it was gold AND black glitter in a clear base and I thought it was even more awesome! This is mega-hott and ridiculously awesome and probably going to make my Best of 2011.

Prayze - This is a fine pink, full coverage glitter. Very pretty and delicate, but super sparkly and fun at the same time.

Crown Jewels - This is an awesome glitter. It is a full coverage shade, made up of small glitter pieces but the thing I like the most is that the overall color is achieved using silver, gold and copper glitter.

Overall, I am pleased with these shades! The formula is fantastic. The glitters are full coverage and the creme, although being pastel was well pigmented but still easy to apply. I don't doubt you can expect the same from the other shades they have to offer.

Dreams by Neihule shades can be purchased here and they retail for $12 a bottle. One thing I was thinking is that they would be great for a gift for a special occasion since they come in pretty boxes and have the inspiring little message ribbon. There are also some other gorgeous looking shades I want to get for myself!!

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were furnished to me by the manufacturer or PR company for review. For more information please visit my disclosure policy.


  1. Wow, the black and gold glitter looks awesome!

  2. I. Need. Glamtastic. I mean WOW! How unique and original. I very rarely buy online, but this one might be worth it!

  3. They look nice and the box was very nice for a present indeed. Do you know if they ship internationally?

  4. Heavenly looks cute, but Glamtastic steals the show here!

  5. Glamtastic is my favorite. I love your images, beautiful!

  6. woah that first pic was so pretty

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  11. It seems very attractive. I want to have a try.

  12. Hi there! Last week I met your friend Katie in Chicago and she referred me to your blog! Love the ideas, I will for sure come here before I try out new nail polish! :-)

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  16. All of these looks gorgeous! I think my favorite might be Glamtastic. :)

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  20. I love the glitter polishes....often times there's just not enough glitter, but those polishes obviously don't have that problem!

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  22. Praze and crown jewel are my personal faves because of their elegant and sophisticated colors.

  23. These colors look great!

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