Monday, August 16, 2010

Jungle Boogie Recipe and Challange

Close-up of Jungle Boogie

I got the goods. I asked the lovely lady who created Jungle Boogie how she did it. I do have to apologize for not giving her credit to begin with, but it was just soooo amazing I guess I couldn't guess that it was a franken. It is just so well blended, and such a good mix of colors it was unbelievable to me I guess.

Bottle of Jungle Boogie

Here is at least some of what is in Jungle Boogie:
  • nail art stripers in various glitters: blue, green and fuchsia
  • Variety of Nubar glitters: Especially Grass Green glitter and also Lime glitter art stripers and some Disco Blue. The whole Nubar-Sparkles collection would work for this, or Color Club-Glitter Vixen, especially Object of Envy, since Jungle Boogie looks mostly green, and OOE costs much less than Nubars.
  • And the icing on the cake: The bar glitter is Wet n Wild-Black Magic. It's a Halloween color, but it comes out every Halloween and lucky for us it's right around the corner!
Wet n Wild - Black Magic

Close-up of the bottle of Black Magic... for fun :c)

What I was thinking, because the recipe for Jungle Boogie could vary so much from person to person, I was thinking it would be awesome if you guys want to try and make it, if you show me your "Jungle Boogie"!

Share a pic of your creation along with the recipe you use! Perhaps someone will like your blend enough to try! Submit it by September 16th to Lacquer Laine's email address with a picture, recipe, your name, location and what you have named your blend if you want to give it one. There are so many possibilities to mixing "Jungle Boogie", I cant wait for you to try! and I can't wait to see them!



  1. The Jungle Boogie one looks pretty :)

  2. If you have a Party City in your town, they may have WnW's Black Magic year round. Mine does. Look where they keep the costumes in the back. The WnW display may still be there from last year.