Friday, October 22, 2010

OPI Burlesque Glitters with Close-Ups

YES! Burlesque glitters! Finally! I have been dying for them! Today I am bringing you the glitter half of the OPI - Burlesque collection. These make me happy! These all have sort of the same idea: lots of different glitter with one shade being the overpowering one. All swatches are three coats, and have no topcoat.

Shimmer and Shimmer
- This is a mix of mostly blue and silver glitter with a little red, yellow, green and fuchsia glitter thrown it. Is it close to Absolutely Alice? Not really. Here they are side by side:

Shimmer and Shimmer
on the left, Absolutely Alice on the right

- This is a mix of mostly orange and silver with some green, blue, yellow and fuchsia. I love orange and I love glitter so this is awesome for me!

Bring On The Bling!
- This is overall a gold glitter but has little bits of yellow (not gold) green, blue, fuchsia, red and silver. Really awesomely unique for a gold glitter.

Glow Up Already!
- This is a lime/chartreuse glitter with some emerald green, blue, fuchsia, red, yellow and silver. At first it looked a lot like Rescue Beauty Lounge - Locavore, but side by side you can see they aren't that similar:

Glow Up Already!
on the left and Locavore on the right

Show It And Glow It!
- This is overall fuchsia with a bit of yellow, emerald, blue, red and silver glitter.

- This is the odd man out because this isn't a mix of all the same blue, green, fuchsia, yellow, etc. glitter. It is just three: gold, bold blue, and fuchsia. Reminds me a bit of Look Rich, Be Cheap from RBL, just with blue. I shouldn't really compare them because I didn't like LRBC but I really like Sparkle-icious. I really like this one.

If you missed out on OPI's Mad As A Hatter glitter from the Alice in Wonderland collection last winter/spring, and were hoping for a dupe here, there really isn't one. Mad As A Hatter also was a mix of several different glitters but didn't have one overall color. It's overall color was really... like colorless. It's mostly silver with some bits of other colors. Also, MAAH had a bold purple glitter in it that the other shades don't seem to have. Here is a close-up of MAAH:

OPI Burlesque is out now. I am so excited about these! What an exciting collection from OPI! Half of a collection being full coverage glitters?! Holy cow.

I will be posting the second half of the collection ASAP.

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  1. I love the glitter set! Can't wait to see the rest of them!

  2. Wow! I love the close up shots! Just love these OPI Burlesque polishes!

  3. Burlesque was an awesome collection! I love the closeups!!

  4. I cannot make up my mind which I like best - Sparkle-icious or Shimmer and Shimmer.... They are all so pretty, and I love your close-ups!

  5. Love the close-ups! I'm waiting for them to go on sale but they'll probably be gone by then.

  6. Great post! I swatched the glitters as well but I'm fixated on your close- up pics :)