Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pedi by request...

....from my hunny! He was so funny when he began the conversation about it too. He looked at my feet (which were Essie - Funky Limelight at the time) and said, "Why don't you ever paint your toes white?" I didn't even know what to say! I just said I never thought of it because I have so many other colors to use on my toes! So I asked if he wanted me to and he said, "yeah!"
"Do you want me to do a soft white, or a white-out white?"
"White-out white."
"Do you want me to do some sort of design on them?"
"Yeah, in red. Flowers or somethin'."

Okay babe. This one is for you!

And he likes it! And I really like it!

I used OPI- Alpine Snow as the base, and then stamped with Konad Special Polish in red with plate M64 on the big toes, and then plate M3 to get the little random flowers on the rest of the toes.

Here is my and my friend's foot at the beach on Sunday. She was wearing Misa - Pour Me Something Tall & Strong with LA Girls - Supernova on top. (Sorry Kate! HAHA!) It was a gorgeous day and she didn't have to work so we planned to ride bikes to the beach and go for a swim. It was the first time all year I went in the lake!! I just love it. And I love to lay on the beach. I don't bring a towel or anything. I love to just roll around in the sand. It's so theraputic and nice. And fun!

And here is my foot underwater!

And a bonus pic of the beach. It was getting near sunset so I got some pretty shadows and colors in the clouds.
(you can click to view the enlarged size too!)


  1. That is a totally cute pedi! I love it. What a great idea by him!

  2. this is soooo cute,i love when the other half puts there input in.Adds a extra passion to the hobbi =D

  3. I love that looks. Your hubby has good taste. Love the underwater shot. You cut the head off your cute fairy.

  4. Gorgeous pedi, I love the shot of you and your friends foot in the water! Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day. What is your tattoo of?

  5. Cute toes! Oh my, I'm reallt into tattoos and I'd love to see what you got, especially that green "creature" on your foot! Would you like to show us? :)

  6. Love the pedi! Super pretty!

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