Monday, August 31, 2009

Lippmann Collection Fall 2009

Happy Monday, everyone! I am not thrilled to be starting the work week again, but to make me feel better, I bring you the beautiful fall collection from Lippmann Collection. It includes 2 hott polishes: Marquee Moon and Don't Tell Mama.

Marquee Moon - This is an opaque, metallic silver. It is perfect in 2 coats. The metallic is very smooth and chrome looking. It shows minimal brushstrokes. The best part about this polish, however, is the hexagonal glitter pieces! What I love about them is: 1) They are hexagons which I love (and they must be loved be Deborah Lippmann as well since this is following the 10th Anniversary Collection which has hexagons in every polish!) 2) They are large hexagons. I don't need to zoom in to show you that they are hexagons. 3) They are sparse and random making for a unique manicure. Every nail is different, but the whole look pulls together and looks incredible. 4) The hexagons that go on in the first coat get covered by the second coat, but you can see the outline of the shape. The hexagons that go on in the second coat sit on top and are very visible, and are super shiny. Add a topcoat and it is over-the-top awesome. They look like little mirrors. It makes for a party on your nails. Every time I look at it I think of disco balls, the circus or cirque du soleil. The only negative that I can think of is that you have to be conscious that you have glitter on the brush. They are sparse and random and you aren't guaranteed to have some on your brush on every dip. So it takes a little effort to dab off excess polish on the bottle neck, but not dab off glitter. It's not too much trouble though and it's worth it anyway.

Don't Tell Mama - This is a deep, almost black base with a dark teal shimmer. It's very beautiful and mysterious. I love to look at it in the bottle because on the edges you can see that the shimmer looks purple! I really wish that that duochrome look translated to the nail but sadly I don't see it. That would look incredible! But I shouldn't take away from this polish's beauty. I must say though, that if you have a problem with polishes that look too black this may may not be for you. I don't know if I can say that it is too dark. I am usually upset with almost black polishes and I really love this one on my nails, but everyone's tastes are different. It is pretty dark though, so consider it if you don't want to be disappointed. I am planning a comparison of other dark blue/green shimmers show you can think about it. I did a close up bottle shot to show the purple edges I'm talking about:
This collection is available now at Lippmann Collection and each polish retails for $16.00.

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Special Thanks to Gabby & Arleny, Tractenberg & Co. and Lippmann Collection


  1. Those glitter pieces are so unique, I love it! I also love that slight hint of teal in Don't Tell Mama, so pretty.

  2. Yeah, the teal in Don´t Tell Mama is great, too bad it doesn´t show too much on the nail.

  3. I love those hexagonal glitter bits! How unique!

  4. I like those a lot! especially marquee moon and the hex glitters is so intriguing

  5. Shame the polish base is so black. I love the bottle color. Darn! Marquee Moon is really nice. Just like Funky Monkey only this works. The black is hideous. The big chunks in Funky Monkey looks like lumpy bumps instead of nice hexagonal glitters.

  6. I think they're both beautiful polishes (and you swatch/wear them well, of course!)

  7. Mary - It is so unique that I just love it soooo much! It gives me all these great ideas of other colors to do this to!

    AllYouDesire - It looks a lot better in the bottle. The shimmer anyway. It is still pretty on.

    gildedangel - SO DO I!!!

    Kae - Hex glitter is my favorite! IT is so unique and interesting.

    Lucy - I think Funky Chunky works if you give it a chance! I do wish the pieces were bigger tho. I greatly appreciate the creativity of it.

    kittyluvscolor - GET 'EMM!

    beautyjudy - They are beautiful and thank you so much!