Friday, October 2, 2009

Essie Swatches

Hello and Happy Friday! I must apologize for my unexplained absence! I went to NY last week to visit family and just got back last night. It was a great time, but I am glad to be home! And glad to be back to you guys! I have lots to post, so let's start the post-fest with a post filled with pictures! My favorite kind of post!

A few months ago, I discovered that one of my favorite e-tailers, Head2Toe Beauty had increased their prices on Essie polish from $4/bottle to $8. That is a %100 price increase! I was a bit panicked, and figuring this was not the fault of Head2Toe, but that of Essie, I was afraid that the same would happen on other favorite sites that allow us to get our polish fixes on the cheap. So I bought a bunch that I had wanted immediately from Trans Design.

I have compiled all my Essie's right here for you! They were not all necessarily purchased on Trans Design, but I wanted to post them all! They are not in any particular order, or collections. Some are really old, some are new, some are safe, some are blue. (I just had to do that rhyme!)

Mesmerize - From spring 2009 collection. Bold royal blue creme. Awesome.

Sexy Divide - Gorgeous royal purple shimmer. From winter 2008.

After Sex - I must say I bought this one just for the name. Some of Essie's name choices are pretty interesting. And she says that she herself does the naming. Hmm. Anyway, this is a glowing red shimmer. I really love it, but I think it looks just like Sinful Colors- Sugar Sugar.

Wild Thing - This one is older. I found it at a nail supplier and I believe it is not big three free. (So it contains Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene) It looks just like After Sex, but with sparse, holographic glitter pieces.

It's Genius - From Winter 2008. It's a muavy purple shimmer.

Sag Harbor - Another interesting name! I really, really love this color. Very slightly blue gray with a subtle silver shimmer. From The North Fork Collection, Spring 2009.

Marshmallow - Classic, jelly white.

Caribou - Light, baby pink creme. The absolute worst application ever. This swatch took 5 coats and it still looks like crap. It is the streakiest, runniest polish ever.

Pound Cake - Creamy off-white with a hint of tan. Love this.

Flirty Fuschia - Neon pink creme. Dries matte and is awesomely bright.

Funky Limelight - One of the best colors I own. The absolutely brightest neon ever. The brightest neon hi-liter yellow. It amazes me.


  1. I always love your swatches, you have lovely nails and I love the shape! Yeah 4 to $8 was a bit steep!

  2. I was also dissapointed about the price increase! Nice colors you chose :)

  3. I love the beiges you swatched!

  4. Marshmallow looks beautiful and I'm not normally a fan of whites. Your nails are looking gorgeous.

  5. Gorgeous shades you chose. I have a few of the same. I couldn't believe that price raise. So TransDesign didn't raise the price, why the other raise? Jerks!

  6. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  7. Sigh, Transdesign has now increased Essie to USD8. :(

    The last time i ordered was on 28th March and it was still USD4.