Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Claws!

My apologies for this late post. I had difficulties getting my pictures to upload over the weekend, and I just figured out why... I had them saved as an incompatible format. I wish it just said so! Anyway, this is post I had planned for Halloween:

What can you create with these?---->

This spooky manicure! I started with a base of my favorite orange creme, L'Oreal - Sizzling Tangerine, waited 2 minutes and then applied a coat of Cover Girl Crackle Polish Ghost Fantome. The crackle effect takes about 15 minutes for the full effect. It is a little tough to wait patiently for that long, but I love the look when it's done. Then I hand drew some little spiders with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black!

A friend had a Halloween party and I helped her do some setting up in the days before, consisting of carving pumpkins and making Jell-O shots. Here's the pumpkins we made:

Mine is on the left, hers is on the right



  1. ohh... this is so cool..awesome...

  2. Love your manicure. That crackle polish is insane! Your jack o lantern turned out amazing. Wish I was able to carve well.

  3. A little late posting here. I love the crackled effect,I just didn't know that we could get the "crackle" polish here in the States,and Cover Girl no less! I wonder if this is still available or if it's a limited edition. I am going to scope it out!