Monday, October 12, 2009

Jade Glitter Swatches

Hey there! How are we all doing this Monday!? This Monday that is a holiday for most here in the US except me! I am at work! I could have used today off. I am still a bit hungover from Saturday's shenanigans! That is not fair. You need not be hungover for more than one day! Anyway, today I bring some interesting glitters from Jade. These are my first Jade polishes. You don't see them very much. I stumbled on them online one day so I took a chance and ordered a few. Here's what I got:

Gold Flakes - This is a horribly misleading name. This is not a flake polish. It is gold glitter in a sheer, shimmery gold base.

Asteroid Caress - Magenta glitter in a clear base. What a strange name! It makes me picture asteroids caressing people floating in space, or people being caressed on an asteroid. Lots of interesting imagery...

Charm Illusion - Lime green glitter in a clear base. It kind of looks gold at first glance.

Volcanic Lava - Deep orange glitter in a clear base. This is the one I used as the middle color on the glitter gradient in my previous post. I really love the color of this glitter, but I wish that it covered completely. This was 3-4 coats and still shows plenty nail. That is the case with all of these, actually.

I purchased these at and they were $1.25 each. These do not have the best coverage, but look great layered, or would make great frankening colors. Especially since they are so inexpensive.


  1. Wow, these are really pretty glitters!

  2. Love em! So sparkly! Oooh! another e-tailer to visit and browse,yay!

  3. These look good as layering polishes. Not bad for $1.25. I like the orange glitter.

  4. I love anything glitter. :) I really like the purple.