Saturday, January 16, 2010

Illamasqua Swatches

How are all you hotties today?! ;c)
Today I am bringing you some Illamasquas. They aren't new, but they are gorgeous! I love the edgy-ness of this line, the bottles, the formula, the brushes, the colors, the names of the colors... They are just amazing! Here is the ones I have:

Hectic, Milf, Elope, Whack, Rampage

Hectic - Dirty olive green creme. How I love it. I know these types of shades are not for everyone but they are for me! My winter coat is the same exact color! This swatch is 3 coats. Hectic is similar to Rescue Beauty Lounge - No More War in that it is a dirty, olive green but it's actually not that close when you compare. Observe:

Hectic on the left, No More War on the right. Hectic is more yellow and calm and No More War is more brown and funky.

Milf - I thought this was a clean, yellow-based mint green, but it is actually a rather dusty color. Mint, yes, but a little dusty. It really doesn't show it's dusty property too much on the nail. It just gives it a slightly aged, vintage look. But it is very evident when you look at it next to a polish like BB Couture - Laguna Lagoon, which is very clean and bright. It is gorgeous though and I love it! I wore it for 3 straight days this week! This swatch is 2 coats.

Elope - Bright, bright kelly green creme. This is very vivid and very green. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day! This swatch is 3 coats. This polish is very vivid. It has a bit of a neonish/antifreeze glow to it in real life. Very awesome.

Whack - Mega bright, super bold, red-orange creme. 2 coats. I LOVE THIS! Best orange creme. And it has staying power. I intentionally wore it one weekend when I knew I wouldn't be able to redo my nails. And it lasted and lasted.

Rampage - Super smooth, jelly finish dark green creme. 3 coats. We've seen it before, I know, but we can always see it again because it is beautiful. 3 coats

Illamasqua is based in the United Kingdom and will ship internationally from this site: and in the US you can purchase them from Sephora, but they don't carry Elope and Hectic. Lame.


  1. I literally was in Sephora today in Atlanta buying Illamasqua polishes and they didn't have any left in Milf. I was devastated; I'm lemming it so bad. Hectic is swesome, and I got whack. Love it. If only Elope was available in store :( Beautiful swatches as always!

  2. gildedangel - Oh it is!

    Ange-Marie - Oh no! I ordered Whack and Rampage online at Sephora and I wanted Milf then and it was out of stock. :c( Lucily a sweetheart in The Netherlands sent it too me. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the comparioson of Hectic and No More War. I have to get Hectic. Love that shade. Basically I love greens, especially the olive toned ones. Elope is a gorgeous shade. I love their bottles also. I did get Milf online from Sephora. I was lucky it was there in the middle of the night. I'd tried before by having them email me. No luck. Finally I got it. Your swatches are beautiful.