Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yellow creme comparison featuring Up & Away

Hello all! It seems I have several yellow polishes! I thought it would be nice/helpful to do some comparisons of them. There are several other brands "featured" in this post, but I mention China Glaze Up & Away colors because they were the ones I was waiting for to do the comparisons. Also, there was a great discovery made about both the Up & Away yellows once I did the comparisons. First up is the banana yellows:

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Squarepants, Sally Hansen - Yellow Kitty, China Glaze - Lemon Fizz, BB Couture - Little Deuce Coupe

From left to right:
Squarepants - 4 coats
Yellow Kitty - 3 coats
Lemon Fizz - 2 coats
BB Couture - 2 coats

Squarepants is of course a jelly, and Yellow Kitty falls somewhere in between jelly and creme. Lemon Fizz is very creamy and opaque and applied like a dream, and Little Deuce Coupe is right behind. Lemon Fizz is clearly the brightest.

Next up is the sunshine yellows. This comparison was inspired by SalvagedExpression who asked about a comparison about over a month ago! Here it is girl!

Sally Hansen - Lightening, China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky, Diamond Cosmetics - Lemon Yellow Zest, OPI - The "It" Color

From Left to right:
Happy Go Lucky
Lemon Yellow Zest
The "It" Color

All were 3 coats with the exception of The "It" Color at four. Happy Go Lucky was super close to being 2 coats. I was really rooting for it. It looked pretty good at 2, but I had to do three for the pic because it did have a slight streak to it. Too bad. I really wanted to report that it was a 2 coater like Lemon Fizz. Anyway, yet again, China Glaze is the brightest, Lightening is right behind, and Lemon Yellow Zest and The "It" Color step down respectively to darker/more orange.

So the discovery I spoke of was just that both of the China Glaze yellows were the brightest against their competitors. Also, they had phenomenal application. Lemon Fizz is an incredible 2 coater, and I think you could get Happy Go Lucky on in 2. It has the potential, I just missed it and had to go for 3.

This Up & Away Collection is really knocking my socks off!


  1. Love the China Glaze nail polishes!

  2. Thank you so much for this comparison! I've been lemming a mustardy yellow for a while now (as you know I suppose!) and this is incredibly helpful!

  3. Thanks for this! i can't wait for my Up and Away collection to arrive! It should be here soon!
    And Salvaged Expression, OPI The It Color is THE best mustardy yellow around!

  4. Great swatches! Thanks so much for the comparisons! The first 4 yellows do kind of look really alike..

  5. Thanks for the awesome swatch comparison!! I like Lemon Fizz the best :) I have a NY Color called Yellow Taxi Creme that looks similar to the first four yellows... I wonder how it compares.

  6. Your yellows all look fantastic on the nail! I know that yellows are typically hard to apply and look streaky but you make them look like butter lol.

    I have a few of these but I think I want a few more!

  7. WOW theyre so similar! thanks for doing this (=

  8. Thanks! This is super useful! I agree with Get Nailed - you made these look great.

  9. do you feel about Squarepants now? Worth it's price? I think not!
    Go China Glaze! It's been a winner in my book for a while. =)

  10. Yhanks for the great post. I haven't seen a yellow comparison in a long time!

  11. so square pants takes four coats to apply? hmm, i am still kinda lemming for it,but not as much.

    thank you for these swatches!

  12. Thanks for the comparison! I'm not really into yellows, but after seeing these shades I must say I'm starting to like 'em!

    I think I like Lemon Fizz best!

  13. Lemon Fizz is "fizzle" Love it...this was great!

  14. I must say, I'm going for the China Glazes. The Sally Hansons seemed both very close, but I know the new Sally Hanson "salons" are rather expensive, and I think the "insta-dri" and the China Glaze are about the same price

  15. I never in a million years thought I would try a yellow nail polish, but now I want Lemon Fizz really bad!