Monday, January 11, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches

Is everyone ready for the new week?! I stopped by Walgreen's on my way to work and picked up some new Sally Hansen's to get my week off on the right foot! :c)

It looks like Rescue Beauty Lounge has some new shades for us this spring! I am looking forward to them. In the meantime I thought I would quench our RBL thirst with some swatches of shades I picked up during the RBL sale last month.

Concrete Jungle - This is perfect! When my bottles came I thought this looked darker than I had wanted. I wanted a light gray creme. But once I put it on I was happy again! It is just as I expected and the application was a dream. 2 thin, easy coats.

Cherry Love - This is a pink sided red creme. It reminds me of cherry pie filling! I love it, despite being a bit of a red hater. It is hot! Although the formula surprised me. It wasn't as smooth and dreamy as I know RBLs to be.

Dead Calm - I love this color and I love this name. This deep cobalt is perfect. It never looks black. I love the shade but maybe even better is the formula. This swatch is one coat. It is a very calming shade. If I ever have a hectic day and need to chill, I am putting this on. I would expect it to melt away my stress.

Purple Haze - Seeing pictures of this online before I ordered it, I expected it to be different. I pictured it as a light to medium, blue-hued lilac. It is actually a very not blue, medium hued, lilac with a dusty quality. It reminds me a lot of Zoya - Malia, although I didn't compare them. This is gorgeous though, and in true RBL fashion, has a fantastic two coat formula. I love the "dusty" quality of this one.

Have a happy Monday!