Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pure Ice Swatches

I just love Wal Mart. Or hate it? Every time I am there I spend more than I would have normally assumed I would because I can get anything and everything there. Last week I went to get my fishing license and I needed a tube for by bike tire, so I waltz in there with my tire in hand to ensure I got the right tube. Then at the sporting goods counter I saw an ipod armband in the sale flyer that would be perfect for the BF so I went over to electronics to find it. Now I have an armband, a bike lock, a bike tire tube and MY BIKE TIRE... all in my hands. For some reason I didn't think I was going to need a shopping cart. This is getting ridiculous. And it doesn't stop there. I then go get a padded mailing envelope, a mother's day card and a pack of T-shirts. All still in my hands. NOW I go over to cosmetics. I get TWO bottles of NP remover, feminine products, and of course... I have to look at NP. My arms were filled to capacity and more, but I still somehow, someway, found room for two new Pure Ice shades: In The Mood, and one I have been wanting for a while, Purple Reign. And yes, I got this all to the register, without a shopping cart. *Whew*

This is Purple Reign. This is a medium, mauve-ish purple with a bronzy-gold shimmer. I love this shade and the formula was nice and smooth and pigmented. I got this on in two coats.

In The Mood - This one had to come along too. I love the soft, cornflower blue color. It is full of this white shimmer that is real light and airy looking, like Zoya - Ginessa. It looked like it'd be sheer. It is. This is 4 coats :c( but it looked interesting enough to deal with it. The look once you get it on is nice. I 'm thinking next time I will layer it over Orly - Snowcone in order to get it on in less coats.

These retail for $2 at Wal Mart. They have LOTS of different shades. I had to restrict myself to these two though... obviously...

What do you think?


  1. LOL - I do the same thing at Walmart! But just imagine how much you would have gotten if you had a basket - that's how I always look at it anyway! Love the first one, I need that color :)

  2. Purple Reign looks really pretty! I'd love to try these polishes once haha. Btw you're not the only one with this shopping problem ;)

  3. I have both of these colors & I absolutely loooove them!

    Pure Ice polishes are really great, because the price is always right & they wear/last well.

  4. Love, love, love In the Mood. Good idea about layering it over the Orly. *adds more to wishlist* I'm hoping my walmart gets these in soon. I lol'd at your description of shopping in walmart. I always tell myself I'm just going to carry one of the handbaskets because if I get a cart I'll over-shop....and then find myself with a basket that weighs a TON and an armload in the other arm. And somehow it always starts with "Well, since I'm here I should go see if they have..."

  5. In the mood is my favourite. You also have really pretty shaped nails. :)

  6. Both are wonderful! :drools: Pure Ice has some amazing colors. Too bad they are so hard to find online...

  7. Boo to walmart... but i do love the colors