Monday, May 24, 2010

Zoya Sparkle Collection with Close-Ups!

Half of Zoya's summer release this year, as I am sure you know, is the Sparkle collection. The "sparkle" in these isn't really glitter, but it isn't really shimmer. If you are around here regularly, you have probably seen my glitter close-up shots which make it really clear how glitter looks. They are usually larger particles that are regular geometric shapes like squares and hexagons. The sparkles in the Zoya Sparkles are smaller than typical glitter and they are irregular in shape. They are more like a shimmer, but shimmer to me is very, very fine like a dusting of shimmery particles and Zoya Sparkles are much larger than typical shimmer. So I have been calling what is in these "sparkles" as opposed to "glitter" or "shimmer". All these swatches are three coats.

Charla - sun/shade/close-up - Ooooh. This is a bright sky blue jelly crammed with gold sparkles. The gold in the blue gives a green to teal tinge to this shade. Really pretty.

Ivanka - sun/shade/close-up - Charla is something special, but I think I like the look of Ivanka on my nails more. I love the jewel green with the bright, dense, gold sparkles.

Allegra - sun/shade/close-up - This is a hot (not neon, just hott!) fuchsia jelly with pinkish, purplish sparkles.

Mimi - sun/shade/close-up - This is a bold, royal purple jelly with purple sparkles that have a slight gold duochrome.

Nihdi - sun/shade/close-up - This is a tomato-red jelly with gold sparkles. I really like this red/gold combo. The base is slightly different than the others as it seems to be closer to a creme than a jelly. It also looks like the sparkles are less dense than in others. It's probably the only one that I would have let get away with two coats, but this swatch is three.

The formula of these is pigmented enough that if you did a thicker coat you could do two coats, but I did three for all because in the strong sunlight there was VNL.

Unfortunately when I ordered these I somehow forgot about Gilda! I intended on getting the whole collection and just missed! Gilda is a bright pink sparkle. If I get it one day I will swatch it but there are no promises at this point!

What do you think of the Sparkles? Still waiting to pull the trigger on your Zoya Exchange? That is how I got mine... and 11 other Zoyas...


  1. I love this entire collection. I do have it but haven't tried them yet. What am I waiting for. lol! :)

  2. Oh no, you forgot to get Gilda! I love Gilda. BUT at least you have all the other AWESOME AMAZING STUNNING glitters - and they look so great on you!!!

  3. MERMAID Polish! I love it all. Especially on your nails. I love the shape of your nails, would you ever do a tutorial on how you file your nails or do they just grow like that?

  4. I'm wearing Charla right now and I'm in love!

  5. Amazing swatches! I never buy Zoya I think I should get it!

  6. It is a great collection I have Charla and Ivanka at home now!

  7. your close ups are incredible. I really like how you zoom in only onto the color in the 3rd pic for each color. it really gives me a good idea of the texture of the color.

    thanks so much.

    best swatches ever!

  8. oh wow! im really loving the greens and purple! :D

  9. Double Wow! I couldn't decide which one I liked best. As I scrolled along I kept saying, no, that one's the best, no, THAT one is...
    I don't have any Zoya polishes. You have successfully pushed me to change that! ;)

    I gave you with a 'Sweetest Blogger' award. You can pick it up from my blog at: