Thursday, May 7, 2009

KO Cosmetics - Matte Polish - Liberty

I'm posting this really late! It's after midnight! Well when I came home today I had two packages waiting for me! One was my polishes from Knockout and one was polishes from Rescue Beauty Lounge! YES!

KO- Liberty, KO- Karen, RBL-Bikini Bottom, RBL-Square Pants, RBL-Locavore, RBL-Frugalista, RBL-No More War! Oh man, check out my messy desk! geez!

I swatched Liberty for your viewing pleasure. I know there are swatches of the others out there.

I've been itching for a minty green and some mattes so this one fixed both my needs! I was a bit nervous at first looking at the bottle. I was worried it was pushing close to blue, but it's okay. It's definately minty green. It's a cool tone and looks a little blue in some lights. But it's green. Gorgeous green! The application was not the easiest. Some nails were streaky with two coats and needed a third to even out. But the overall effect is wonderful! I love the matte finish!


  1. I love matte polishes! For me in Sweden they're really hard to find so I decided to order a matte topcoat instead. :)

  2. What a gorgeous matte polish ! This is so cool and special ! I love it :-)

  3. I'm wearing Liberty right now as well. I love it! Also needed three coats :)

  4. Oh this is so lovely on you! I just saw this on Clockwork's blog! You two must be on the same wave! You two are also not a good influence on! Im really starting to want this polish!

  5. I so want those KO polishes! I love the matte look. Your nails look fantastic. I have No More War and just bought Bikini Bottom and Square Pans. Just lovely colors.

  6. Alexlyndra - I'm sorry that mattes are hard to find! I'd like to try a matte top coat. I gotta look for one.

    Lucy- Thank you! I'm so excited to try my Bikini Bottom and Square pants! They look great!

    Velvet - I'm sorry to influence you! No I'm not! What am I saying! Get matte polishes! I'm super excited for the matte Zoya's coming out. Have you seen those? Not until July but they will be cheaper than the KOs.

    clockwork- we are on the same wavelength! I love you swatch of this polish!

    Tuli - Thank you! It is really pretty!

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