Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scherer Chameleon

Hello! Sorry for the slow posts! I got a new puppy last week!! And I just went to D.C. for work. BUT... my trip to DC led me to a great polish haul! I found some Chameleon polish and Petites. So today I bring you the Chameleons. In the pic is Blue Frost, Blue Sky and Dreams. They're some awesome duochromes

Dreams - Pinkish white with a green flash.
I was hoping this pic would show the green. It doesn't really. It was hard to capture.
This close up is as best I could get to show it. Overall though this was very pretty. Application was great. 2 coats. Very cool.
Blue Frost - Pale blue with a bright purple flash.
This outdoor pic was the best I could get out of my camera.

And this is my fave: Blue Sky. Ridiculous blue with purple, and sometimes looks green, and teal too. So gorgeous. It's an attention taker. Not bad for a $2.70 polish. I think that is what it was. I can't find the recipt to be sure!
This pic was under low light, but I had to show it because on the left the natural light from outside shows blue, the middle is purple and the lamps inside show green on the right. Amazing!


  1. That is so nice to make those little hauls, isn't it ? Very nice colors you chose there :-)

  2. Pretty! They're so shiny and almost foil-looking. Congrats on the puppy. Post some pics when you get a chance :)

  3. Oh my, a puppy! I'm so jealous! :P You got some nice polishes there!

  4. Those are some lovely polishes!
    What kind of puppy? Will you post pics? I love me some puppies! I went to a dog expo this weekend and it was so hard not to adopt one!

  5. Tuli- Thanks!

    Mary - They are foil-y. Awesome! I will put up the puppy ASAP!

    clockwork - Blue Sky is ridiculous! I have had it on for three days now and can not stop looking at it!

    Alexlydra- Thank you! Get a puppy too!! :c)

    Nessa- Thank you! He is a Schnoodle! Super cute. I adopted him too. I got myself in trouble! I went to the shelter and fell in love! My boyfriend went the next day and got him for me! He's a perfect little guy

  6. Nice polishes. I haven't worn any whiteish shades like that. Can't really tell the flash of color. I like Blue Sky that is a pretty color. Nice to find different polish brands when you travel.

  7. Oh, so pretty!

    I also really would like to see puppy photos :)
    Never heard of a Schnoodle!

  8. Chameleon blue sky is one of my faves too--I always wear it to the beach. Just last night I bought Chameleon "heat", a blazing fire engine red that morphs metallic coral, then magenta--awesome, awesome, AWESOME for summer.

    The Chameleon line tends to chip easily on my nails though--any suggestions for making it stay?

    Thanks much

  9. I'm slow...I just found these Chameleon Polishes today at RiteAid...I got Blue Sky and I'm about to paint my nails as I type this...Can't wait!

  10. Your fingers look so pretty! I got all the Chameleon colors a few weeks ago, gotta put one on now because of you :)