Monday, May 4, 2009

Milani Swatches Part 2

Happy Monday! Today I'm posting the other half of my Milani swatches! Yeah!

Foxy Lady - Reddish brown with a fine shimmer. Definately foxy!
Cloud - Cloud changed my mind on light colored polish. I always thought I like bold, brights colors and nothing soft. Until I met Cloud. It is a super-light lavender with a gold shimmer. This is one of my fave polishes!

Purple Passion - Bright, stunning purple. I think it looks prettier in real life than this pic shows.

Winter Wine - I love this color. I wasn't pleased with this pic. It's deeper in real life. This pic makes it look very close to Hottest Pink, but it's not. They are similar, but not as close as this swatch would have you believe!
Glitzy Stars - Shown alone, and over black. I'm madly in love with this microglitter/shimmer. It's iridescent and awesome!

Disco Lights - Shown over China Glaze - Admire and alone. Pink glitter topcoat. I just got this one because I've been wanting an all over glitter polish, and I thought this one could give me that effect over a foil-finish pink like Admire. With another coat or two I think I can nail it.


  1. I love Cloud, looks brilliant.

  2. Cloud and Glitzy Stars over black are my faves of the bunch!! Great swatches!

  3. Those are all so pretty. I'm going to have to look elsewhere...I never see some of these colors in our local Milani displays. Thanks for showing me something else I want :) Ha-Ha!

  4. clockwork- Isn't it? brilliant is a good word for it

    Brooke - Thank you! They are my faves too!

    Mary - I am glad I can help people buy more polish! I hope they start stocking up the good ones for you! They have a lot of them!