Monday, May 25, 2009

Zoya Exchange Swatches

Since I finally got to finishing my Zoya swatching from my polish exchange, I wanted to share them since there is still time to do some exchanging! I want so many more Zoyas, but I only have maybe two polishes I'm willing to give up! This post has a lot of pics. I hope that is okay. That's what really makes a blog fun, right?! I know I love to look at pics!
-Gorgeous coral creme. I swear every time I looked at my nails it got brighter and brighter.
Fergie-Although my bottle is labeled as "Feigie". Awesome reddish purple creme. I really love this one.
Moxie-Killer beet colored creme
Jo-Periwinkle shimmer
Tallulah-Bright blue shimmer. Wow!
Jacy-Dark reddish purple with a bright purpley-blue shimmer. Really gorgeous. Formula was a bit thick though.

Malia-Medium to light purple creme.

For the Zoya exchange page go here:


  1. Looks like you got some beautiful polishes! I'm just sad I can't partake in the exchange (I live in Canada) :(

  2. You made some gorgeous choices here, I'm really wowed by Midori and Jo.

  3. Ohhh so pretty! Love your choices!

  4. Lovely polishes you've got there!

  5. What a nice collection of polishes. I don't have too many to exchange either.

  6. Shayla-I am so sorry that they won't exchange with you in Canada!! That is lame. Boo.
    If the shipping was worth it I'd tell you to send em to me and I'll exchange them!! But it would probably end up making more sense to just buy the polishes by the time you shipped to me, I shipped to Zoya, Zoya shipped back to me, and I'd ship back to you. Prob more trouble that it's worth!!

    clockwork - Thanks girl! I love Midori and Jo! They turned out to be great choices!

    Velvet-Thanks! I love them too!

    Alexlydra-Thank you!

    Lucy- Thank you!! It's too bad you don't have many to exchange. I want to do it again so bad! I guess it's good though that we have collections we like though, right?!