Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last Minute NY Buys

Hello! Before I left from my parents on Sunday I decided to do a little last minute shopping. I checked CVS for any interesting stuff, and Claire's because my Claire's here never seems to have anything good. Take a look at what I found:
Milani - Antique, Claire's - Green Confetti, Goldmine, Rockstar and Orange Neon

(Make sure to click on the pics for the enlarged size! :c) )


Goldmine is definitely my favorite. I have had CND-VIP Status on my wishlist but it is hard to find, and this looks just the same. Check out this close up:Huh?! Awesome right!?


  1. Wow I have never seen that color at my Claire's I'm so jealous! I'm digging the neon orange too, but they are all lovely.

  2. Oooo. I love Goldmine! Awesome! :)

  3. I just picked up both the green and the gold at Claire's too! I was in love with those. I still haven't been able to find Rockstar yet though!

  4. I love that gold one! I just remembered I picked up my first Claire's in May, I'll have to locate them in the massive untried drawer. I love, love, love that shade of Milani!

  5. Kae - Isn't it great!? I hope you spot it. I have wanted it for a while. I had to go 800 miles to get it!

    Olivia C. - Thank you! It's great!

    Nicole - The green is beautiful too! I just love the shade and all that hex glitter! Rockstar was such an impulse buy. I don't have anything like it though. That plummy color and super, shiny silver shimmer!? yum.

    Mary - Thanks! The gold is hottt!!! The Miliani is amazing too. This was the first time I saw it and it was the only one. I guess limited edition? I hope they add it to the regular line. I'll try to get a full swatch up! :c)

  6. You picked up some nice polishes. I love the color of the Milani. Goldmine is a fantastic glittery polish. A really nice find.

  7. Lucy - Thank you. I can't wait to wear the Milani! It's really beautiful. Goldmine is VERY glittery indeed! I love it!