Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Post for Posting's Sake

I was contacted via Twitter by an agent at Geek Squad (Matthew) who helped me determine that my camera is set to arrive at the Best Buy store tomorrow! What a relief! That was so nice of Matthew! I wish he wore polish... I'd send him some!

I have a couple random nail pics I could post, but nothing too exciting, so I am just going to put up a great pic I took in New York.

I went to a pool one day with my sisters and mom and saw a big fat bull frog relaxing by the pool. I started to take pics of him, and as he got ready to jump in the pool to get away from me, he sat for a moment looking out at the water and I was able to snap this:It's one of my favorite pictures! I did not give up on him either once he jumped in! Since I have a waterproof camera I went after him and took some pics under water too! He was so funny. I don't think I have ever seen a frog go swim in a pool. When he had enough, he climbed out via the latter and hopped away. He just wanted a dip like anyone else! He was a cool little (well, big) frog.


  1. Maybe Matthew does wear nail polish! I love frogs and that picture is incredible, the way he's just gazing into the pool. Glad you're getting your camera back soon :)

  2. What an amazing photo! love it!

  3. Love the photo and the story. I would freak out if I was there. That frog really looks big. You were brave to get in with it!

  4. He must have loved that water, looks so inviting! That's a great picture. Awesome that you have a waterproof camera!

  5. That is so cute! What a fantastic picture you were able to get, and how neat was it that you could go underwater and snap some more of him!
    Yay for your camera :D

  6. I love your pic! That's fantastic - nature at it's best!

  7. Mary - Thank you! Isn't is amazing! I mean, frogs like water so maybe it's not that impressive, but I thought so. They are used to ponds and not pools, right?

    Inbal - Thank you!

    Lucy - Thank you! He was massive, but I have always liked frogs. They wouldn't bite you or something. I didn't try to touch it... just photograph him!

    Nicole - Thank you! The waterproof camera is the most wonderful amazing invention ever!

    Kae - Thank you so much! And yay! for my camera!! :c)

    Danielle - Thank you! I just love nature!