Friday, November 20, 2009

Borghese LE set: Serena

So, it's taken me a bit to get these to you! But here they are... at least half of them! This is the Borghese polish collection, Serena. The other set, Allegra, is posted on Vampy Varnish, with my pictures and review! It's so nice that Kelly featured me as a guest blogger!

Serena has four mini polishes and they are very pretty! They do not have individual names for the colors though, which I can't stand! They don't even have a number!

This is a brown with gold and red glitter! I had to have this color. It's so unique! It also has little flecks of silver in there too. We do have another holiday polish that is similar: OPI - Holiday Glow. Let's see how they compare:The gold in the Borghese color is bigger and I think the red is more pronounced too. I would pick the Borghese.

This duochrome is deep and beautiful. It is a blue-gray base that shows colors from green to blue to teal to plum. It is much better than my pictures can show. A close match if you would like a full sized bottle, is Savina - Black Pearl.

This glitter in the bottle looks identical to Sally Hansen - Rockstar Pink which is one of my favorite colors. But, it is not. The glitter is the same, but the density is not. The Borghese polish is much less dense. It takes 3 coats of it to match just one of Rockstar Pink:

This doesn't make it a bad polish. It's just not a full coverage glitter. It's good for layering.

And finally, we have a very sweet, deep purple/plum. 2 coats, and looks fantastic!

This set, along with Allegra, can be found in drugstores and Ulta and goes for $9.99.

Don't forget to check out the compliment to this series on Vampy Varnish! THANK YOU KELLY!