Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FLASHBACK: Color Club Glitter Vixen

I just love to post swatches in sets! I couldn't wait to post this one because it is an incredible collection, and I actually have the whole set. I just had to get them all. I didn't at first. I only had 4. But then I went back and got the rest. I couldn't help it!

This is the Fall 2008 collection from Color Club: Glitter Vixen. What a release! All super glitters! Full coverage, beautiful glitters! Love. What I really like about these is that the polish may be one solid color, but the glitter particles are all different shades and sizes, giving added depth. These are all colored glitter in a clear base. They are very dense and gritty to the touch. This means they need a thick top coat to be smooth, and it also means they are a bit difficult to remove. Just use acetone remover and let it soak in and removal won't be so bad.

Let us take a look at some swatches, shall we?!

Sex Symbol - Silver Glitter. Very sexy.

Magic Attraction - Silver holographic/prismatic glitter mixed with pink glitter. I don't think the pink pieces are holo, but I can't really tell!

Art of Seduction - Red glitter. Hott!

Tru Passion - Purple glitter. I would like this more if it was darker, but it's still pretty.

Sexy Siren - Bright, blue glitter. I drool when I see this.

Object of Envy - Grass, green glitter. Much brighter and prettier in real life, I promise!

Sultry Diva - Gold glitter

Although this is an older collection it is still readily available on Victoriasnailsupply.com, head2toebeauty.com and 8ty8beauty.com



  1. These are gorgeous. I have such a hard time finding Color Club in the UK.

  2. gildedangel - thank you! I love them!

    Jodes - thanks. I am so sorry! I am a big fan of Color Club. But you have some great polishes we dont!!

  3. ooh! I love polish that is just pure glitter, especially all one color, and these are wonderful colors! Hmm, time for another VNS order!! Thanks for the great pics and post!