Saturday, November 21, 2009

Canada Exclusive - Sally Hansen - Project Runway

Well the lovely ladies in the north don't have it bad at all. Check out one of the most to-die-for green and gold combination polishes I have ever seen:

(Please excuse my boo-boo!)
It's Sally Hansen - Project Runway and it is a Canadian Exclusive. I hate things being country exclusive! Don't do that! And especially with a color as mouth-watering as this! This is a slight blue, green base with irregular shaped gold glitter particles. Like crushed up gold. Stunning.

If you're not in Canada, then I don't know where to tell you to get this! If you are, I am very happy for you! I was able to swap Sally Hansen HD minis to get this sent over the border to me. And I am sure glad that I did!


  1. Gorgeous shade and it looks great on you! =)

  2. wow!! this is very pretty... i love it.. ur so lucky to have it..

  3. What a beautiful color! The shimmer in it is divine!

  4. A different green. I love greens and this is very special.

  5. oooh. i need some canadian friends it looks like. thats just gorgeous. hmmmm if anyone in canada wants to swap me for on of these... lol

  6. It sure is a beautiful colour, but there are tons of polishes us Canucks have a hard time procuring!!
    If anyone wants to trade me this colour for one of my wish list polishes, let me know!


  7. Oh I know you love greens so I can only guess how much you love this one :-) It is beautiful !!!

  8. nihrida - Thank you so much!

    Thriszha - Thank you! I feel lucky!

    gildedangel - I know it! I love the shimmer!

    jaljen - It sure is special!

    Ange-Marie - You definitely should try for a swap. This color is insane!

    Natalie - I know it gets harder and harder. Like China Glaze not shipping to you up there?! WTF? I checked out your blog and I am sure someone would trade for some of your lemmings!

    Tuli - You know it girl! Thanks!