Saturday, November 14, 2009

Essie - Mint Candy Apple, Winter '09


Essie's winter collection this year has 3 shades to choose from (or not chose... just get them all!) and they have a candy theme: Lollipop, Rock Candy and Mint Candy Apple. The one that I really wanted was of course the green one! I was actually nervous about it because I didn't know if maybe it would be to blue, or too pastel and look really stark. But it did not disappoint me! I love it. It's green, and bright and gorgeous! I have been on a major kick lately to get MAC-Peppermint Patti, which is of course next to impossible and I keep failing so I have to find other mint greens to quell the want.

I was wondering, though, about the existence of an actual mint candy apple. It seemed to me more that Essie wanted a green, so they made up some kind of candy that would be green. Although, there are a whole lot of other green candies to pick from.

I had to know if such a thing existed. And whattaya know, I found it!

It's called a "Green Mint Drizzle Apple" and you can find it on Christina's Candy Apples.

That website looks dangerous. They also have Snickers and Oreo candy apples:
I'm in trouble! Can't. control. the. sweet. tooth....


  1. mmmmmmmm great now i'm in trouble too. its truly unfair of them to name polish after things that make me want to eat. MCA is also my absolute favorite of this season. I've already made a huge dent in my bottle...

  2. These apples look

    Love this color on you :-)

  3. Mmmmmmmm.....great now I want nail polish and a candied apple! lol

  4. Lovely on you! I looked up mint candy apples too when I got my polishes and it made me extremely hungry!

  5. ok, now i really want to get mint candy apple. damn you for introducing me to that website : )

  6. why did you have to post a link to that? lol OMG i want the polish and now i want mint candy apples!

  7. he's in my list! this green it's dreamy! and those apples! Oh my! LOL

  8. Ange-Marie - It is wonderful! I have it on my toes as we speak!

    Tuli - Thanks girl! Those apples look too good!

    Evil Angel - glad to help create cravings for more than just polish!

    Mary- Thank you! HAHA! It's so funny how polish leads to candy leads to hungry!

    gildedangel - Don't they?! :c)

    augusta - hahaha! Glad to help a sweet tooth!

    Mama Jen - HAHA! I had to do it!!

    Luciana - You must get it! The polish that is! and an apple if you wish!