Monday, February 1, 2010

Blue Blue Blue

Happy Monday all! Hope yours is good! I can't say mine isn't but it wasn't the greatest start to the day. It's all good though. I'm staying positive!

I finally saw Avatar over the weekend and all that blue got me thinking of a Avatar-inspired, blue manicure. So I did one!

I used BB Couture - Kyona Beach as a base, stamped with China Glaze - Adore from the Romantiques Collection (my favorite Konad polish) and Konad plate M57.

I took it a step further with a little blue glitter accenting some of the stripes with LA Colors Art Deco - Blue Glitter. I don't know if I like it as much with the glitter, but it's still nice.

Did you like Avatar? Have you seen it? Did you see it in 3D? I did! It was awesome! I haven't been to a 3D movie in years. Like, maybe 10 years? I plan to go to more now though.


  1. This is so cool!
    I still have to see Avatar, I think I'll eventually rent the DVD, it's not my kind of movie. :)

  2. Love the mani, loved the movie.

  3. I first saw the pics without reading a word, and Avatar immediately crossed my mind! :-D. Very well done!

  4. I am going to see it this week-end, and have already written the post for the Avatar-mani I am going to make, but I'm not satisfied with the result yet. What a coinsidence you making this mani! *lol*

  5. That is pretty cool! Nice color choices too.
    Saw Avatar in 3D, the cinematography was amazing, but the story...meh. Still, I enjoyed the ride. :)

  6. I LOVE that look. Awesome.
    Not seen Avatar yet - must get to it soon.

  7. This is really lovely. Posts like there make me want more konad image plates..

  8. Love the movie! I watched it in 3D and it was a great experience. Such a wonderful fantasy world...
    I love the glittery manicure best! Very pretty! ;)

  9. Your nails are divine. The shape is sexy and pretty at the same time!

  10. I think I like it better without thee glitter but the colour combo looks great! This might be a way I wouldn't mind wearing animal prints.

    I changed my blog's name and url. It used to be Een Minder Mutsig Nagelblog and it is now The Dutch Nail Blog.
    Would you mind updating your blogroll so it shows the correct link?
    I can be found here now:

  11. wow!!
    love those nails!!
    haven't watched avatar yet, don't think i want

  12. hi!!
    i saw avatar and was really great!!
    here in São Paulo(brasil) we only have one imax theather...and was worth the trip:)

  13. I haven't seen Avatar, but that is an awesome mani!!!

    I nominated you for The Best Blog Award!

  14. I haven't seen Avatar, but this a really cool nail look!