Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Konad Plate M77

Hi! I hope you have all seen that Konad has released some new image plates for us to play with! There are 8 new ones: M75-M81 and S10. You can browse them here. I purchased M77 through M79 and today I have swatches of all the designs from M77.

Plate M77

This is a mani I did a couple weekends ago. The base is China Glaze - Lemon Fizz stamped with China Glaze - Sugar High and the flower stamp. I added some accents with LA Colors Art Deco - Bright Green and Migi Nail Art Pen in white.

This is Wet n Wild - Bite the Bullet stamped with a black creme and the flower/hatch mark stamp. I call it "the waffle stamp".

This is necklace stamp with various chrome colors over Snail Slicks - #21, a very stark peach creme.

This is just a swatch of all the rest of the stamps over black with chrome colors.

And don't forget about the Mardi Gras Mani I did with this plate:

I used the bead image repeatedly on each nail for a look of a plethora of bead strands!

I really love this plate. There are several good images to work with and I didn't have any issues with any of them. All the little details picked up. It's awesome!
What do you think?


  1. I adore the Mardi Gras one and the one on black! Oh my God, just can't wait for the plates to arrive =))))

  2. That plate has some gorgeous patterns on it!

  3. i love the different ideas that you come up with your konad stamping! the colors in your waffle stamp nail really stand out and i LOVE what you did with the different colors in your necklace stamp!

  4. The flowery design is very pretty, but the jewellery ones are a bit much for my taste... If I were to get one of the new plates I'd only get the one with the polka dots.

  5. If Mr T had had a konad mani it would be nail pic #3.

    It is very cute, all of them are!

  6. I;m loving the peach base with necklaces background! Makes me wanna sing Diamonds on my damn chain (not sure if you are familiar with that tune or not, lol)

  7. So cool. One of these days I'm going to break down and get me some Konad too!

  8. Thanks for showing all the images! I already ordered 2 new plates, and I thought I could do without this one. That is, until I saw your Mardi Gras mani! I'm going to be placing ANOTHER order! Michelle

  9. Those are all really cute! I think I'm ordering some new plates today thanks in part to this post :D

  10. Love your Konading. New plates look so fun!

  11. i loove this plates :)i useit and do a konadicure with

  12. I seriously love the yellow flowered one, it looks like you did a really good job adding the green stems!