Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Revlon Nails + Giveaway

Hi all! I have had these for far too long! I am so glad to finally post them.

I received some new nails from Revlon to show you. They are colored nails in Revlon Red and Royalty.

Revlon Red

Royalty - These are actually colored gold on the underside to give you an effortless "Lubu mani"! How cool is that?!

Revlon Red - These were a bit smaller than I anticipated. I tried to get them on without having my natural tips peeping out but that made the ring finger end up way high from the cuticle. It looks a bit strange. It's just for swatch purposes. I didn't actually wear them like that!

Royalty - Wow. This is a gorgeous dark plum with a royal purple shimmer. So pretty. They look sort of duochromy. These say they are medium length like the red ones but they are clearly longer. I don't know. And the gold underside would be enjoyable if I didn't have my tips showing. The concept of these is WAY AWESOME but you can really only rock it if you have short nails with very little to no free edge.

Here are some things I must say about these nails:
  1. The glue that comes with these is very strong. You don't need to worry about wear time. As long as you want them on, they will stay on.
  2. Do not follow the instructions for how much glue to put on. It says to completely cover your natural nail, and the false nail with glue. If you did that you will get glue squeezing out all over the place and end up gluing yourself together and having your mani look like crap. Instead, apply glue to only one of the contact surfaces and I find the best way to do this is fully cover the inner portion, but not go all the way to the edge as the glue will spread out to the edges when you press them down.
  3. The package says to soak these nails in acetone nail polish remover to get the nails off. This does not work! Acetone nail polish remover is made up of several other ingredients diluting the power of the acetone and it is not strong enough to dissolve the nails as the box says. You will get frustrated and rip them off, and you will be real sorry. Trust me. I have made this mistake already. LEARN FROM MY MISSTEPS! You need to use 100% acetone to remove these nails. It is not expensive and you can buy it at Sally's Beauty supply or any other nail/beauty supply. Get a little bowl and soak for a minute and they will seriously dissolve. You can use a manicure stick to help scrape them off if needed and if there is any residual glue on the nail you can get it off with a cotton ball and the acetone. I know acetone is drying, but this is what you need to do. Just wash it off your hands immediately and moisturize.

AND here is some great news... I have an extra package of each of these to share with you! I also have a package of Sequin style nails from the Runway Collection that I reviewed way back here.

Oooooh! Sparkles!

So, the prize is 1 package each of Revlon Red, Royalty and Sequins nails. They will all go to one, randomly chosen winner. The entry form is at the top of my page. The contest will run from today until Monday, March 1st at 11:59 PM EST. Internationally readers are welcome to enter! Good Luck!

And don't forget about the Skin MD Natural Giveaway I have going on as well! You can enter once for both of these giveaways! (Although the lotion giveaway is only open to US and Canada residents.)


  1. Those Royalty nails look GORGEOUS on you!

  2. I am dealing with some nasty breaks and flakes right now (acetone remover) so these guys would probably save me some frustration and pain during the grow out period!

  3. I really like Royalty, and the concept is awesome!! That's so cool how they are cold underneath!