Saturday, October 9, 2010

MAC - Bad Fairy

I know we've all seen this already but I love it! I didn't get the other two in the Venomous Villains Collection because they were dupes to Orly Cosmic FX shades, but Bad Fairy enticed me. And damn MAC for making limited edition stuff super limited so it makes me panic and run to buy!

Bad Fairy is really pretty. It is a strawberry-red with duochrome shimmer that is copper at the edges and at angles. The polish has a near-foil finish and is flashy, but not so much I felt I couldn't wear it to work. Really cool. Too bad it took 3-4 coats, but I love it. Glad I took the plunge and ran to my Macy's MAC counter to snag one of the last bottles.

If you like Bad Fairy run before it's too late. This sold out on the website super fast (as cool LE polishes from MAC usually do)


  1. This MAC colors lovely c:
    Lots of blogs are swatching this color so I might not need to get thi one for myself >o<
    Got some nice duochrome goin' on though 8D

  2. I could see this color a million times and never get tired of it! Such a gorgeous color.

  3. So pretty. I love that whole rose gold copper duochrome shift.

    I don't mind seeing a lot of swatches of this on a lot of blogs. It looks like something new, depending on lighting, skintone, angles at which it is photographed and so forth. :)

  4. This is so gorgeous!!
    A lady on a dutch nailboard was going to get this for me (I don't live near a MAC store) but unfortunately it was sold out already...

  5. This color looks pretty, but I don't like it well enough to buy a bottle for MAC's prices and then possibly find a bad brush...I know a lot of people have gotten weird brushes from MAC.

  6. Is this a dupe for Color Club Wild and Willing? Looking at Scrangie's swatch of CC and they look very similar. I think this one might pull slightly more pink, but that could be lighting. This one also looks a tad smoother.

  7. I didn't know limited edition ran out fast. didn't manage to get Bad Fairy and Formidable. =( I'll run down next time. ><