Friday, June 5, 2009

Del Sol - Changes in the sun!

Hi! I have a fun post! Solar changing polish!! I hopped on when I saw Scrangie's post about Del Sol doing a 50% off sale. Mine came yesterday and I didn't want to post them because it was the last day of the sale and then I'd be a big jerk. BUUUTT!!! They have extended the sale to June 11th! Yay! So I bring my swatches!

Boy Magnet - Gray with this awesome copper shimmer inside, and outside a dusty red

Electrik - Baby blue metallic inside and lime green metallic outside!

Heartbreaker - Red jelly with red and silver glitter inside, and deep purple jelly with glitter outside!

Pretty in Pink - White with a pink duochrome inside and bright bright pink outiside!

Surfer Girl - Very Light baby pink metallic inside and creamsicle orange outside!

These are way too fun. I ordered the ones I thought would have the most change between indoor and outdoor and I am pleased with what I picked! I could probably pull off wearing most of these to work and enjoying the outdoor color on breaks! Awesome!!


  1. Heartbreaker and pretty in pink are my faves. Very cool!

  2. Boy Magnet and Electrik are calling my name! Those are great pictures...I always wondered if the color change was very noticeable and it sure is! Thanks for posting.

  3. I love these! June 11th! OMG How can I be strong and say no? I think I might just get a couple. How was the shipping cost?

  4. I used to own these such a long time ago! I might have to hop on their site and get boy magnet it's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Is there a code to get them 1/2 off?
    I am seeing them as $10 each.

  6. Very interesting how much of a difference there is with the color. I'm going to pass on buying these polishes. I do like Boy Magnet. If I went outside a lot I would buy these.

  7. Awesome to see some swatches, as I was gonna order some. Thanks

  8. Brooke - I looove Heartbreaker!! It is amazing outside!

    Mary- I wore Boy Magnet all day today! It's awesome! Thank you and your welcome!

    kittyluvscolor - You might have to give in!! you have to spend at least $50 dollars... which will come out to $25, and my total was $33.11. so shipping was $8.11.

    Nessa-You are welcome! Boy magnet is so hot! Even if it didn't change color I just love the inside color of it so much!

    Sommer- There is no code. Once you go through the checkout process they take off the %50. But you have to spend at least $50 before the discount.

    Lucy- I was very impressed with the change. It was amazing. Too bad your nails don't get more sun!

    Halifax- You are welcome! I hope i helped ur decision making!

  9. These are super cool !!! And you chose such a great colors ! I tried to order some too, but it seems like they don't do shippining to Israel :-(

  10. I am sooo jealous! I want Del Sol polishes too! They're so cool!

  11. These are all so pretty. Their original colors and the color they change into in the sun are both beautiful.

  12. Oo! These are awesome! I've always wanted to try Del Sol polishes, but I've recently hauled way too many nail polishes lol