Sunday, June 28, 2009

Old Nail Pics

Not only do I love nails and polish, but I love to take pictures. I have been doing it since I was young. Like, 8 maybe? I took rolls and rolls of pictures. Nowadays I carry my digital everywhere. Growing up all my firends counted on me for pics of parties and nights out. I'm no pro, I just love it. I was cleaning my desk at home the other day and decided to update the pics on my digital photo frame. I started looking back at my pictures archives, and discovered I had many pictures of nails I did, way before I started posting them online. I just took them to take them! I had more than I realized. I thought it'd be fun to show them.

This one was a french with a purpley-shimmer from Sephora. I don't know what it was called.

This gold mani was for my last birthday. I love gold anything and bought great gold pumps and wanted gold nails. I used OPI- Curry Up, Don't be Late, and Cover Girl-Gold Rush glitter top coat over it. From Sept '08.

Anyone notice anything interesting in these? How long my nails were? What the hell happened?!

This one is OPI- Gargantuan Green Grape with a little hand-drawn art. I was testing out the macro on the new camera. This had to have been from September also.

This one was Revlon- Steel Her Heart with Milani-Glitzy Stars layered over it.

And this one was OPI-Lincoln Park After Dark with Milani-Glitzy Stars layered. I bought Glitzy Stars just for this mani because I needed to do something to bling up this polish since it's so close to black.And this one was Ulta-Bombshell. I have since swapped it. I don't know why I wasn't that into it.


  1. How neat to find old pictures y ou have forgotten about! I love your gold birthday mani

  2. Nice with old pictures! You've got som very pretty colours there. :)

  3. Nice to see them all. I used to take scads of pictures when I was younger. It's so wonderful to have digital now. I really have to scan all my old pics in.

  4. Kae - It is fun to go back and see things I have shot and forgot! Thank you; That b-day mani was one of my faves ever!

    Alexlyndra- Thank you girl!

    Lucy- Thank you for looking at my old stuff! Isn't digital great?! So much easier than the film days. Although, I loved the surprise element with film.