Monday, June 22, 2009

NOTD: Zoya Matte Velvet- Posh

Good Monday morning!! Thank you ladies for all your kind words about my flood fiasco. We have the new carpet down and things are getting better. There is still lots to do, but it doesn't smell anymore. I can walk around without shoes again. This was the first Monday morning going to work wasn't so bad!

Today I did my nails with a new gorgeous color I've been dying to wear: Zoya-Posh. She came during the flood and actually made me smile surprisingly! It looks great! One coat and out the door! Not bad. Mattes may be my in-a-hurry mani choice. And it matches the satiny finish of my red cell phone!
How about that?!


  1. Very pretty, looks great on you!

  2. This is my favorite matte from all of the mattes collections that came out recently ! This is such a pretty shade of red and if you say one coat....that's awesome ! It look really good on you :-)

  3. I wasn't so sure about all these mattes coming out, as I like my nail polish in your face and shiny most of the time, lol. But I have to say all the pictures of POST have really got me interested! It looks pretty damn cool!

    I haven't got to the flood post yet! Sorry to hear about that!

  4. Love this color! I ordered all three mattes. I'm glad you got your rug down. Take care and I pray no more rain.

  5. omg i love it!
    looks great on you! :]

  6. Mattes are so beautiful! Now I've bought a Matte Top Coat so I can make any polish matte, yay!

  7. Kae - Thank you!

    Tuli - This is my favorite too! It's so pretty! Thank you!

    Brooke - I know about the shimmery and the glittery stuff you like, but this one... I just think it's great and a must have.

    Lucy - Thank you!

    Nosaby - Thank you!

    Nina - I Love it too! Thank you!

    Alexlyndra - Awesome! I have yet to do that! I don't know what is taking me so long!