Monday, June 8, 2009


Last week I found the new L'oreal Blooming Brights at Walgreen's and picked up Sizzling Tangerine and Shocking Green. Both awesome. I had been thinking about orange polish all day which is weird because I don't usually go for orange polish. Not sure why. I like orange, but maybe on my nails its weird? I don't know. But you know how what you like changes, and what is aesthetically pleasing one day is not the next. So I guess that day I just dug orange. And Sizzling Tangerine is a good one:
On Friday the orange itch continued, and I ended up with two neon oranges: Sally Girl-Amped, and a Hot Topic one. Unfortunately Hot Topic doesn't name their polishes so I have been calling this one Tangello.

Sizzling Tangerine looked like it would make a good Konad color (side thought: should add to Sasse's list) and it stamps very well! Good consistency and well pigmented. So I threw all my oranges together to get this:

I started with a base of white, did 2/3-1/3 the neon oranges and then stamped with M57 and sizzling Tangerine. Its way too much for the office, but awesome weekend mani!

(Before the Konad)


  1. Wow, I love the orange konad mani :-D And it's really impressing how you made the border so nice :-)

  2. very cute!! I love the brightness of this one.

  3. I really like your oranges. I also like it without the Konad. Really bright and summery looking.

  4. Kristine, Brooke, Lucy - Thank you, guys!!

  5. The orange mani is so cool! It almost looks like gradiation!