Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NYX - Yellows

Hello! Today I thought I'd do a little theme and bring you yellows from NYX!
Aurora - This is a pretty light, mellow yellow. It has a metallic-y finish and is very pretty. I do not remember how many coats I did... either 2 or 3.

Roasted - This looks like egg yolk on your nail. I don't know if that is good or bad. It does not come out opaque, but maybe that is okay? For someone? Not really me. It is intriguing because it is different. I don't know how I feel. If you want the look of egg yolk on your nail, this is for you.

Juliana - Sheer yellow with a yellowish-green glitter. This one would be good for layering in my opinion. Not the best alone.

Juliana over Roasted - This look I can get down with. It comes out pretty opaque, glitter and summery and happy! I could do this


  1. Wow, they really look great combined on you. Very pretty.

  2. I have Juliana - and I def. had to add it over another color. But it is so pretty in the bottle isn't it?

    lol at roasted's description - you are so right! It really does look like you painted your nails with an egg yolk! :)

  3. Roasted sort of gaged me. It does look nice with Juliana over it. That's pretty but not alone.