Thursday, December 3, 2009

China Glaze Kaleidoscopes

Hello all! I swatched some of the China Glaze - Kaleidoscope Collection and wanted to share them! The Kaleidoscope polishes are a collection of 12 shades of holographic/prismatic polishes. They have a main base color, but flash all the colors of the rainbow in the light. They are similar to the China Glaze - OMG collection, (which I will post next!) but the Kaleidoscopes have a more gritty, larger holo particle than the OMG polishes. They are not gritty to the touch like a glitter, however. They are smooth. Pretty impressive stuff! The whole collection has 12 colors, however I only have 4 to show you. The pics are of the polishes in direct sunlight to see the holo, and in shade to see the base color. All swatches are 3 coats.
On to the swatches!---->

Sexagon - Silver holo. Sun and shade.

Let's Do It In 3D - Dark gray or charcoal black holo. Sun and shade. How does this compare to other black holos like Color Club - Revvvolution or Diamond Cosmetics - Chainmail Charm? It is not as black as those two, but it is much more holo.

He's Going In Circles - Seafoam green holo. Sun and shade.

It's My Turn - Warm, caramel-colored gold holo. Sun and shade.

and Let's Do It In 3D are my favorites. I think the holo effect is a little more pronounced than the other two, and you can still see the holo in shade, or in low light.

Like 'em? Get them while you can! They are still available on some e-tailers, but this line has been discontinued! I know I had a little bit of trouble trying to find Let's Do It In 3D, so if you have been waiting, don't anymore! They will end up being hard-to-find colors, and it will be upsetting if you can't find them!


  1. Aren't they just gorgeous! They look beautiful on you. I own the whole collection. I had to search around on different nail etailer. They are all worth owning.

  2. Yay :) Let's Do It In 3D is one of my favourite polishes EVER. This is probably my favourite collection by China Glaze, but I only own that one! I really need to collect the rest, but it's hard living in the UK! :)

  3. I love the two Kaledoscopes that I have and I really do need to get the rest!

  4. Lucy - Love 'em! Thank you! Wow, I need them all too! That is impressive.

    Leanne - 3D is really gorgeous. You neeeeeeeed more China Glaze!

    Evil Angel - They are pretty amazing!

  5. wow, even more China Glaze and holo and glitter that I need to start looking for!!! Gorgey!

  6. I love this collection! I got all 12 after getting all 12 of the OMG And the top coat! I'm a sucker for amazing polishes :)! Great pics!!!

  7. I wish I could get all of these... one day :)