Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Naughty Nailz 'X' Collection Swatches

I am beyond proud to introduce to you a new nail polish line called "Naughty Nailz". It consists of three collections of colors and a set of treatments.

Here is what I have about the company and the polishes from Naughty Nailz:

Naughty Nailz is a new company. Our polishes and treatments are made with the highest quality base and free of cancer causing chemicals like toluene, DHP and formaldehydes. Naughty Nailz is also manufactured in America. Part of the Naughty Nailz vision is to give back . A portion of the profits will go towards a program or programs helping to educate children. We are still in the process of choosing an organization to work with.

Now for the fun stuff... Naughty Nailz is made naughty by the polish names. There is an X line, and XX line, and a XXX line. (6 polishes in each) There is also a great line of "Treat Me Naughty" nail treatments to accompany the sexy colors. Naughty Nailz is a practical everyday product that is a lot of sexy fun as well. The polish labels will always be removable for that mom who wants to wear "Nipplebiter" but doesn't want the kids to know.

The names are definitely what makes these polishes special. Don't get me wrong; there are other good things to be said about this line, but it's obviously mostly about the names. And yes, there is a color named "Nipplebiter". We will see that one in a couple days.

With that, I warn you that these are for sure, NAUGHTY. If you think these names may offend you, don't read on. Or just look at the pics. :c)

There are three collections, so I will be doing three separate posts. There is the X Collection the XX Collection and the XXX Collection. The X Collection, which I will be showing swatches of today, have pretty mild naughty names. But with each added 'X' the names get more scandalous! But the colors also get better too, so I recommend you stay on for the duration of the ride. (No pun intended)

On to the swatches!

Late Night Fantasy - This is a dark red creme that has a slight jelly finish to it. It has a nice smooth formula. But we'll get into the formula more in a bit.

Lip Service - This is a pinkish red creme. When I was in 8th grade on a field trip, a friend and I made up the name "rink" for a sweatshirt she had because you couldn't call it red and you couldn't call it pink. It was rink. That is what this reminds me of! Not very sexy, huh?! It is bright, but also slightly muted, if that makes sense.

Morning After - When I first looked at this bottle I thought it was an orange-red, but now I think it is a red-orange. But kind of coral? It's a coral-red. How's that? Nice and bright. I really like this one.

Red Thong In Divorce Court - Red creme. This is as red as it gets. It's like a fire truck!

Sextasy - When I look at this I think "raspberry cosmo". I don't know why. Just a word/nail association I guess. This is a bright magenta, sort of fuchsia shimmer. I am really having a hard time categorizing these colors, aren't I?!

The Big "O" - Off white shimmer. I love white polishes and I love this one. (and I'm not faking)

I have to rave about the formula, first and foremost. Wow. I really mean that. These are awesome. They go on so smooth, you could call them polishes that "apply themselves". Especially the cremes. All the cremes I debated showing with only one coat. They are pigmented enough, and are not the least bit streaky. I did do 2 in the end just to ensure the swatches were real nice. The only one that did not play as nice as the others was The Big "O" but it's a white so I kind of feel it can get away with it. It was still two coats, but they were thick coats.

Also, these polishes dry super fast. I didn't try myself, but I bet you could get away without using a quick dry top coat. While doing my swatches, I had done the first coat and was going back for the second in about a minute, banged my nail on the edge of my desk and thought "Just great. I have to start over". But then I looked, and there was no ding. Seriously. I couldn't make this up! The only downside I see so far, and you will see more of as we go on with this collection, is that there are so many reds and pinks. That is not usually my thing when it comes to polish. I must say though, that I am enjoying these reds and pinks more than I thought that I would.

Naughty Nailz has yet to launch their website. If you are interested in these colors you can email or You can also check them out on Facebook. The polishes retail for $8.95.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were furnished to me by the manufacturer or PR company for review. For more information please visit my disclosure policy.


  1. I'd love to see the rest of the XX and XXX swatches! :)

  2. Great colors! I'm excited to see the other collections. Thanks for bringing us a new line!

  3. I just checked out their facebook, loving the names! I can just imagine a friend asking me what nail polish I am wearing and me replying oh it's 'XXX' hehe.

    I'm not so mad about reds either but I think I really am liking late night fantasy so far out of your swatches. Do they ship internationally as I'm in the UK?

  4. Oh neat! I like the reds, sometimes I'm iffy about them but these are neat. I LOVE the white - it's so pretty! Looking forward to seeing more swatches. I'm gonna write the company, I may need to put in an order.

  5. Wow way to go getting to show us the new line! I love you blog, so I'm not surprised the company came to you. Great swatches, I'm excited to see the xx and xxx! =)

  6. The morning after looks good to me!

  7. omg I have to see the rest of these! loving the X collection, but I wanna see the names of the others lol. I always find these names amusing. Where can I get these?

  8. oops lol, theres a link. my bad :)

  9. haha, I love sextacy and the big O!!!! So pretty!!!!

  10. This new collection sounds like a lot of fun! You generally only need one fire engine red really but that said it may as well have an awesome name! I'll have to remember this when my OPI holiday red runs out!

  11. I love the names, however $9 is just too much for these really boring colors. Seriously, those of us that have growing collections I don't think are looking for these, maybe it's just me. Although I will take into consideration that it's a new company, so I'll keep my eye out for glitters and great colors in the future. Thanks for showing!

  12. Musicalhouses - they are coming!

    Mighty Lambchop - You are welcome! I couldn't wait to show these!

    Small Town Gal - The naughty names sure are fun! I checked with Jenny and they do ship internationally. Contact Jenny :

    Nicole - I am glad you like! I love the white too and I do like the reds even though I am typically a red hater!

    kelsealaurel - Thank you so much!! I am beyond flattered! Thank you! I hope you like XX and XXX!

    Ro Ro - I think that is my fave!

    Ange-Marie - Oh, the names get better!

    Lisa H - I am so glad you like them!

    Danica - I fell ya! Especially with my collex at 399! I need really really unique stuff to justify adding to it, however, the formula is great and the names are unique and kind of the point. Other polishes don't have names like this, and names are a driver for several collectors.
    :c)Hopefully Naughty Nailz will release some more for us!

  13. SalvagedExpression - You do always need a great red! Why not Red Thong In Divorce Court, or Secret Carpet Burn!

  14. Those are definately my two favorite basic reds from this collection though Cuffed to the Bed or Late Night Fantasy would be good for evil french tips ala Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  15. These polishes remind me of a line of old polishes found in a dusty old store. They were dragged out and given tasteless names to sell them. I'll stick with other companies. I don't have to like everything. We're all different. So enjoy them.