Monday, December 14, 2009

Drugstore Awesomeness: Rimmel

I picked up a couple new Rimmel London 60 Second polishes at Ulta last week (also available in most drugstores if you don't have an Ulta nearby) and I am amazed at how beautiful they are. I have swatches of Camouflage, Green With Envy and Night Before. All swatches are 2 coats.

Camouflage - This is one I have actually had for a really long time and I just wore it over the weekend. Wow. It is so beautiful! I can't believe it took me so long to wear it. It is a emerald green with gold shimmer and it glows so much it almost looks like a foil-ish metallic. I love this. I am buying a back up.

Green With Envy - I died when I saw the name of this in the store. I had to have it. It is blue!! Not green! But this turquoise shimmer does have a pretty strong green tinge to it. (It's not terribly apparent in my swatch) This is another glowing, unbelievably beautiful, foil-ish shimmer. Wow.

Night Before - This is a blurple base with a strong, bright purple flashy shimmer. My camera is totally screwing us. It would not pick up the shimmer. You have to just trust me on this one. It is really bold and beautiful and the shimmer also has a slight gold duochrome. HOTT!

The formula on these is great. The bottle says one coat and done, but I disagree. I say 2 coats, but there is nothing wrong with that. The brush is nice and easy to control. Does it dry in 60 seconds? I don't know because I throw top coat on it anyway, but I don't think it matters. I didn't buy it for dry speed. I bought for color! I need to pay more attention to Rimmel when I am shopping. These are unbelievable!


  1. Green with Envy and Camouflage are gorgeous!
    Night Before is great too, I have sooo many purple/blurples though. I love finding great drugstore polish!

  2. Love Night Before! I just can't ever seem to find it at my Superdrug. Ugh.

  3. Good colours. Trouble with those finishes is the brushstrokes. Hmm. Difficult to decide.

  4. You picked out some great colors!

  5. Has Rimmel been reusing their colors or something? Because I have a Rimmel Underground called Camouflage, and it looks to be that exact color.

  6. I also have a similar (as memory serves) color called camouflage though I'm not sure it's rimmel. Great classic green either way! The purple and teal are pretty classic and awesome too.

  7. I got these a few weeks ago. I've never worn any Rimmel's. They all look so gorgeous on you. I especially love Camouflage.

  8. Erin - Thanks! It is awesome finding great DS colors!

    Musicalhouses - boo. Maybe one day they will get better colors!

    jaljen - These are so pretty i can definitely deal with brushstrokes!

    gildedangel - Thanks!

    augusta - I can't believe I haven't seen it online before. It is def an underrated drugstore color!

    Jean - It is possible. i don't have any undergrounds tho. Not sure.

    SalvagedExpression - It's an amazing green! Needs more recognition! They all need to be shouted about!

    Lucy - I am glad you like and have them!! Thank you!!

  9. Woow.
    These colours are gorgeous!

  10. I have had Camouflage forEVER and just recently "rediscovered" it sitting in a box of polishes I hadn't worn in a while. I used to wear it all the time and, having just done my nails with it yesterday, remember why I loved it so much!

  11. Love Camouflage, I like it for an early-fall (as in, soon to now!) mani- it's an amazing green. I've been avoiding Green with Envy as I always feel like I have too many colors that are similar, but I really don't! I'm gonna have to go grab that one now :)
    I just got Night Before today and I'm so so excited to put it on tomorrow! lovely swatches.