Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Urban Outfitters Nail Polish Swatches

Happy Monday! Is everyone scrambling trying to get last minute shopping done?! I know I will be.

Last week I strolled into an Urban Outfitters for one thing only: to get some nail polish. They had lots in all sorts of colors, but I tried to restrict myself to only a couple since I was unsure about the formula and didn't want to spend a ton on crappy polish. So I got 4 rather interesting shades and I am excited to share them with you! They have the most boring names though.

Blue 2 - This is a blue-gray slate color with a jelly finish. It takes 4 coats for opacity, but it reminds me of RBL - Bikini Bottom; It takes 4 coats, but the end result is worth it.

Green 1 - This is an awesomely bizarre, very yellow light, bright green. I love it. But this swatch is 4 coats and it is still a bit streaky.

This photo is two coats of Blue 2 and Green 1 over one coat of OPI - Alpine Snow. I don't think I would bother layering Blue 2 over white, but I think Green 1 over white really pops and I will definitely wear it like this.

Purple 6 - This is a jellyish medium hued lilac. It is very vibrant. Sorry for the weird lighting. This just gave the best representation of the color. Every other shot I took pulled way too blue and didn't look like the original at all. Every time I look at it I want to call it "Electric Lilac", but we already have a polish named that! This swatch is 3 coats, and I think that it is worth it.

Matte Green 7 - My entire motivation for buying this was that I was hoping to find you guys an alternative to KO - Liberty; a matte mint polish, which costs $19. (It costs $19 now, but I swear when I bought it in the spring it was $22) Anywho... this is a blue sided mint that needs 3 coats for full coverage and it dries kind of satiny. Not really matte.

This is Matte Green 7 on the left and KO - Liberty on the right. The shade is almost dead on but the finish is not. Liberty is far more matte. Matte Green 7 will need a topcoat to set it anyway, because it never dries alone. So if you use say, Essie - Matte About You, you could set it and get a finish like Liberty, and then you will have Liberty without the $19 price tag. Also, Liberty takes 3 coats too because it is rather thick and streaky.

So overall impression is that if this line had a out of this world unique color, I would get it and deal with the formula but otherwise I have a hard time sucking up $5 for a 0.33 fl. oz. bottle. The formula is very thin and jellyish, requiring 3-4 coats each. Unless of course you layer them over white first. But that is a sacrifice you have to decide on based on how bad you want this polish. I did get this on sale thought for $3.50, which was a surprise until I checked out. I love when that happens!


  1. I love Green 1 over white! And Purple 6 kinda reminds me of a more purple version of OPI Glow-Ink in the Dark.

  2. These are all gorgeous colors!

  3. I love them all. Except green 1. =) Have I already told you your nails are gorgeous? Well, they ARE!

  4. that's kind of weird, i just got 3 UO polishes the other day since they were 30% off! they didn't have Matte Green 7 though, i have to get that. does Purple 6 glow in the dark? it has the same graininess GITD colors have.

  5. ART OF NAIL - Thank you!

    Evil Angel - It sure is! :c)

    Never Enough Nails - I love green 1 over white! I can't wait to wear it as a mani. I didn't think of Purple 6 looking like a glow in the dark but I see it now

    gildedangel - Thank you!

    nihrida - OMG!!! I have gorgeous nails?!! No way! Not compared to you! Yours are amazing! Thank you!!! <3

    Kat - Great minds think alike! No, it doesn't glow and it isn't supposed to look grainy. That is what I meant about the lighting looking weird. It was the only pic that showed the true color well but distorts the wat the finish looks. It's actually a very smooth, jelly finish like Blue 2 and Green 1.

    kittyluvscolor - Thanks! :c)

  6. I picked up five of them today and they were all good in about 2 coats (a couple could use 3 cuz I love to be completely opaque).