Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Diamond Cosmetics Swatches

Some more Diamond Cosmetics swatches for ya!

Hue Are You? - Cranberry red with heaps and heaps of gold shimmer. 2 coats.

Lemon Yellow Zest - Lovely yellow cream. Very yellow. Almost marigold. I had to do 3 coats to get it all even though.

18K Gold - Oh how I love this bold gold shimmer. It is such a bold yellow-gold that I want to actually call it orange-gold. In 8th grade there was a girl that came to school with a manicure like this and I wanted that color so bad. And now 11 years later, I have it.

Tropical Dream - Soft creamcicle orange with a golden shimmer. 2 coats.

Party Hearty - Awesome champagne foil. I think I may use this as my New Year's Eve mani!

I am so pleased with the colors I bought. I love them all and the formula is great on these too. Mostly 2 coaters and nice easy application. The bottles are slight less than the usual 0.5 oz size. These are 0.43 oz, but that is fine with me.

Diamond Cosmetics can be purchased HERE and are only $2.


  1. Lemon Yellow Zest looks amazing, these are all so pretty!

  2. I'm a fan of the Lemon Zest too! Is there a chance we could see how it compares to Opi's The It Color? I'm craving a mustardy green yellow so one of those would probably be a good base to start with.

  3. Like Gildedangel and Salvaged said, Lemon Yellow Zest is STUNNING. and $2 each?? really?? wow! What a steal!

  4. That's the best pic of Hue that I have seen. Is that really what it's like? If it is then count me in!

  5. lemon zest reminds me of lemon heads : )

  6. They are some amazing colors. My favorite is Hue Are You. 18k Gold looks pretty fantastic also.

  7. gildedangel - It's very pretty! Thanks!

    SalvagedExpresion - I could do a comp... but you have to wait for me to get TIC. I don't have it!

    Brooke - They are such a steal!

    jaljen - It sure is what it looks like! It is crazy pretty. I wore it one day because I knew we were going to have meetings at work, but I kept looking at it!

    augusta - OMG!!! Totally!

    Lucy - 18K is a must! It was the first one I wore. I love it!

  8. Cosmetics are clearly unnecessary and are produced by a massive and wasteful industry. We can choose to change our cultural values. After all, Natural is Green.