Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BB Couture For Nails Disco Ball Collection Swatches

As promised : BB Couture - Disco Ball Swatches! I love these polishes!

Hustle - OMG! This is my absolute favorite from this collection. Save the best for last? Not this time! This is sooooo pretty! It is a cement gray with a warm silver shimmer...if that makes sense. Maybe a pale gold? It's warmer than silver, but it's not yellow gold. Maybe a soft, neutral gold? Pewter?! I don't know, but it's friggin great.

Dancing Queen - This is a soft bronze metallic with shimmer. Very minimal brushstrokes, and very very pretty.

Studio 54 - Green lovers, get this! This is a gorgeous jewel green with sparse green micro glitter. My camera always takes away the magic in greens this shade. It is a bit prettier in real life.

Disco Ball - Silver mettalic with silver glitter and holographic bar glitter. It looks weird and lumpy in my swatch, dispite using top coat, but it doesn't look so bad in real life. I think looking at it zoomed in all big is a bad idea.

Disco Lady - Vivid medium blue with sparse blue micro glitter. I love this! I love a vivid blue. It looks much more electric in the swatch than in real life though.

The formula of these is the usual smooth, 2-coater that I love from BB Couture and all swatches were 2 coats, except for Disco Ball which needed 3. Nothing unusual to report.

BB Couture has decreased their bottle size, however, from 0.6 oz to 0.5 oz. With that change I was crossing my fingers for a change in brush, but it is still the same skinny little brush.

Overall: Bomb collection! Gray, blue, green! Bar glitter, holo, non-brustrokey metallic?! Awesome.


  1. Just FYI, the change in bottle is just because they can no longer get the larger size. The manufacturer has stopped making them.

  2. I thought that first one was a light mint green!! The blue one is the best of the bunch, I think.

  3. Nice colours! Studio 54 is a lovely shade of green

  4. Studio 54 and Disco Lady look like must haves! Gorgeous!

  5. I'm quite drawn to the green one... thanks for the info.

    happy New year